S-BUSpro Technology:

“Smart-BUS ®” is a patented Protocol (Patent No: 201110123081.0) Based on “Advanced RS485” 64 Bits Communication. This 2-Way Smart-BUS Communication Protocol was Designed Mainly for Home Automation Industry and thus many call it today “SmartHome-BUS” or Simply “S-BUS”.

The S-BUS Engine Drive Many Hardware Devices, Command, Monitor and Control them simultaneously in  a smooth and confirmed 2-Way Communication ability using Simple 4-Core Twist Pair Data Cable that is widely available in the market.

The Smart-BUS has Multi Edge Technology to Easily Communicate with multi Nodes; Wirelessly via the “W-BUS” in what is called the “S-Mesh®” Environment. Also It can Communicate with FTP/UDP/TCP Via what is Called the “S-Net” Environment. This “Smart-BUS” Multi-Edge Environment and the Core System technology are Called collectively: the “Smart-Cloud®”

SBUSpro Topology:

Using Smart-BUS Technology, installer can connect up to 250 Devices on One Cable that can reach in length up to *(1600 meters). and up to 64000 devices on a single RSIP Network Bridge. where over 16,000,000 can be monitored and controlled in one Network of 250 Bridges.

Meaning that: If installer Link Several BUS Loops together using Network Bridges, then up to 65280 devices per bridge can be smoothly linked and up to 254 Loops like wise can be Networked together as one Body.

Smart-BUS has very flexible connectivity: It uses Mainly Daisy Chain, it can be either an Open or Closed Loop/Ring, Can Work in star Topology Wiring, or Even Grid or Mesh.

S-BUS G5 Operating Voltage:

The S-BUS Engine can work at wide Voltage DC Range between 12-48Volts DC. And is considered Green as it consumes between 20-32mA per device during operation. The S-BUS uses 4 Wires (2-Pairs): one Pair for Data Communication (D- D+) and the other for Power (V G). The Smart-BUS has Also Several Lines of protection like: Reverse Polarity Protection, Short Circuit protection, Overload Protection, Overheat protection, and other..

SBUS Open Protocol:

Smart-BUS Patented Protocol is also an Open Protocol provided to Professional Developers and Integrators (under Special NDA agreement) Free of Charge. (Any Registered Organization / Developer Can Easily and directly get the complete Protocol documents that they need after filling and Signing the proper Quality Network Paperwork). The Inventors Mr. Firas Mazloum ,Mr. Mendel Lin and Mr. Turath Mazloum has Made Sure to patent the Protocol and BUS technology To Make Sure that it remains Open to Serve Humanity and Environment.

Smart-BUS Enabled Devices and solutions

Several Home Automation and Building Control Devices are widely available worldwide today, and provided through several Developers and Manufacturers.

Some of which are listed here:

• S.BUS Enabled Dimmers
• S.BUS Enabled Relays
• S.BUS Enabled Ballast Controllers
• S.BUS Enabled DMX-48, DMX-512 controllers
• S.BUS Enabled LED RGBW Drivers and Boosters
• S.BUS Enabled DALI Bridges
• S.BUS Enabled SMS Communication Modules
• S.BUS Enabled HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Control)
• S.BUS Enabled Ceiling Fan Speed Controllers
• S.BUS Enabled Temperature Sensors
• S.BUS Enabled Mini Weather Station
• S.BUS Enabled Pump Monitoring and Control
• S.BUS Enabled Multifunctional Sensors (Patented Technology)
• S.BUS Enabled Dry Input Devices
• S.BUS Enabled I/O Modules
• S.BUS Enabled Motor and Shades Control
• S.BUS Enabled Web Host with Chat Client
• S.BUS Enabled Multi-Room Distributed Digital Zone-Audio® Network (Patented Technology)
• S.BUS Enabled Magic-Box Matrix HDMI 4K Media with Air Push
• S.BUS Enabled Integration Bridges like RS-232/485 and TCP/IP , UDP
• S.BUS Enabled C-Touch Bridges for IP Video Intercoms
• S.BUS Enabled Bio-Touch Finger Access Switches

• S.BUS Enabled Microwave, Ultrasonic, HBS, and Octobus Real Occupancy Sensors
• S.BUS Enabled Android, i.phone, and i.pad Interfaces
• S.BUS Enabled WinXp,7,CE applications
• S.BUS Enabled Security and Safety monitoring Modules
• S.BUS Enabled Power Metering and Management Modules
• S.BUS Enabled Infra Red Multimedia Controls
• S.BUS Enabled Hotel Guest Room Management system. (GRMS)
• S.BUS Enabled Air Quality and Health Monitoring Devices
• S.BUS Enabled Irrigation and Water Leak or Water Management & Control
• S.BUS Enabled Advanced Systems Bridges like KNX/EIB, Nuvo, Honeywell, Crestron, Control4, ELAN,..etc.
• S.BUS Enabled Mixed usage Controllers, Zone Controllers
• S.BUS Enabled DIY Zone Control Devices
• S.BUS Enabled Automation Logic and central Clock System (Patented Technology)
• S.BUS Enabled Dynamic Display Panels (Patented Technology)

S-BUS Evolution:

This Advanced Technology is offered solely To Utter the Level of Life style. “Smart-BUS it is not Just a Solution, is an Evolution” Invented and Made Open to help create a Green Environment with Minimal Wastage Energy, while Providing a High End Techno Lifestyle…

SMART-BUS (S-BUS) Generations:


This Generation started around 2004 as concept and first sample came out based on DIP switch addressing on 2006. (the shape was similar to C-BUS Neo Switches, and the Modules where similar to ABB KNX Design. This Generation1 has covered the following:

  1. Lighting and Dimming
  2. DMX Bridging
  3. Heavy Loads Boosting
  4. PIR Simple Motion Sensor
  5. Light Intensity Sensor


This Generation has Taken Care of the S-BUS Advanced Protocol Operation and Efficiency, which  during this Generation making between 2007-2009 we created many Improved user interface products that has the Elegance of Dynalite Glass Series, and the New S-BUS DIN rail and Mini Modules concept.

This Generation2 has covered the following in Totally New way and Advanced engineering Design:

  1. Lighting and Dimming
  2. DMX Bridging and show Control
  3. LED Driver Control
  4. HVAC
  5. Motor Control
  6. Multifunction Wall Panel DLP
  7. PIR Simple Sensor
  8. Light (Lux) Intensity Sensor
  9. Network Interface
  10. SMS Control
  11. HAI Bridge
  12. Nuvo Bridge
  13. IR Control


This Generation making between 2010-2012 has Taken Care of Advancement and Replacement of Third Part Product Integration need where S-bus Ready products became adequate alone to Run and operate a complete project.

This Generation3 has covered all the above advanced Devices of Gen2 and added to them also the following:

  1. Audio Distribution
  2. Text to Speech
  3. Security System
  4. EIB Bridge
  5. Floor Heating
  6. Multi-Functional Sensors 9in1
  7. Hotel Automation and GRMS


This Generation made between 2012-2015 has Took on  Product improvements and Integratibility and added Features to become World’s Most Noticed Technology:

  1. Advanced Wiring Topology
  2. Hand Pairing ability
  3. Easy App connectivity with DDNS
  4. Huge user Interface Range
  5. Unique Sensors and Detectors
  6. Advanced Multi-function Color Touch Panels
  7. Many Third Part Bridges (DALI, PCS, X10, Cool Master, ELAN, C4, Euro Climate, Crestron. C-touch)
  8. Advanced Complete Hotel GRMS and Software
  9. Media Control and Video Advancement
  10. Wireless Retrofit and Universal Products
  11. Completion of the Professional Series Range and Start of Retail Product Generation Concepts
  12. Creation of Mixed Modules and Mass Projects Solutions and Packages


Generation5 and Future Globalization Plans:

This Generation is  on Plan  starting 2016 and shall Take care of the following:

  1. Increase Communication Speed
  2. Innovate New ways to Save Configuration and Commanding Time
  3. Online Network Upgrade
  4. USB Charger Addition and Click Tab Modules
  5. Power Metering
  6. Power Generation
  7. Wireless and gesture Technology
  8. KNX, and other Third party Bridges (Gree, Modbus, Arduino, Daiken, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Dynalite, Clipsal, Lutron, Leviton, MS Kinkt, Cortexa..)
  9. Wireless RF Bridge for 3rd Party Bridges
  10. Distributed Video and Media Air Links
  11. New Wireless and wired Hotel Range
  12. Retail market Invasion
  13. Create International Training Entities / Research Entities
  14. Launch Smart-BUS Org. (Manufacturers and Connectivity and Software ++)
  15. Creating 5 year Plans up to 2020

SMART-BUS (S-BUS) G5 Difference:

How is Smart-G5 Different?

If we have BEEN amazed today by the current Smart-G4 ability, Topology, SPEED and Communication features that include:

  1. Subnet
  2. Device ID
  3. Channel
  4. Value, Limit, Delay
  5. Area, Sequence
  6. Flags, Universal Switches and Triggers

You will  then be super amazed by the coming Features that will enhance speed and Flexibility to control City size installation:

Added to all the above, Each Device and Channel shall also carry the following Addressing Criteria:

  1. Building/Group/Category (255)
  2. Floor / Zone (255)
  3. Port Type (255)
  4. Memory/Preset (255)

G5 in Short comparison:

If Now it takes Smart-G4 almost 1-2 Minutes to Set 300 Rooms systems fully with (Music , Lights to be at 50%, AC’s at certain temp 24 degrees, fan speed Med and Mode Cool) as example. While with G5, it shall Take only 3-5 Seconds.

G5 can control all Airport and Stadium systems as fast as 3-6 Seconds.

G5 can Control Much Bigger Capacity at swift speed of (3 seconds) compared to G4 and other Generations which can easily control:

  • 774,000 Curtains
  • 1,800,000 Light Channels
  • 30,000 HVAC
  • 96,000 Audio Zones
  • 250,000 Monitored Security Zones

Flexibility of G5:

If you like to Control only Lights, or Only AC, or Only Doors, or Only Pumps.. etc.

And those you need are Located in x Floor, or Building,

and Serve only Public, or Management, or Private or .. etc.

All you need to Send is Simply:

a Single Command to do all those specific needs or presets at the blink of an eye or in Sequence.

Simplicity and Speed is what Defines G5.

S-WAVE The New Innovation:

S-Wave or Smart-Wave is a new Concept and Solution in Home Automation industry that no one has though about earlier.

Smart Wave is unique because of the following features:

1- Hybrid Wireless solution that connects wirelessly between devices and also can connect by S-BUS normal CAT Cable.

2- It can Operate Using AC Voltage (100-230VAC) and also Can Operate using DC Voltage (12-36VDC)

3- The S-Wave Device Can Transform any S-BUS Wired Equipment to be come  directly wireless

4- Adding multiple S-Wave Devices can give super flexible linking ability mixing both Wired and wireless as needed in any building

S-Wave comes as Trail CLick modules that mounts behind any Panel

S-Wave also comes as built in device into the panels with contactors and dimmers or other actuators +

S-wave was invented by Mr. F. Mazloum as a new Concept and Solution on 2012

today S-Wave has Reached its 3rd generation proudly.


The smart-BUS or as it was First Called SBUSPro (smart BUS Professional). Has been created as vision with clear targets to become the world’s new Standard of Automation Industry:

  1. To Have Open Protocol System.
  2. To Have a System that can Communicate with Thousands of Nodes.
  3. To Have a System that communicates easily over long Distances.
  4. To Have a System that is Green and do not consume lots of energy.
  5. To Have Smart System with 2-way Communication, Monitoring and Control.
  6. To create a consortium of many manufacturers that can create solutions as PnP.

When designing the system, it was also mandatory to understand Installation complexity and protection and well as Tolerance needs:

  1. Current Fluctuations in different Countries and Dirty Electricity
  2. Variable Voltage and Frequency
  3. Cable quality and Disturbances that require Big Operational Voltage Range
  4. Overload Protection
  5. Over Heat Protection
  6. Reverse Polarity Protection
  7. LV Port Protection
  8. Short Circuit Protection
  9. Mixed Wiring Topologies
  10. Bothe New and Retrofit Installations
  11. Easy Expandability
  12. Simple Configuration and Upgrade
  13. Modular compact size System
  14. Multifunctional Devices for Flexible Stock Usage

Learning from The Best:

When Creating the smart Bus, Many Other Manufacturers and Giant Technologies where the source of inspiration, and the trigger of such system that is Almost Bullet proof.

As well known to many:

  • Internet is the Best in Bandwidth and Number of Nodes xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (But internet Need Network Devices every 150 Meters in Average)
  • KNX is the Best in Open Protocol Concept and consortium Concept (But it is not Fully open)
  • RS-485 is best in Distances (BUT require special Topology)

Thus We have Created A mix of all the best in the Above:

S-BUS: as an Advanced RS-485 with flexible Topology and Super Remarkable Long Distances that Embraces Internet Subnets Ability to connect More than 64000 Devices in one single Net, yet it is based on KNX Open concept.

Industry Giants that we learned from, took their Best and Avoided their Mistakes became accordingly added value Contributors to our Design:

  • Delta Controls, (Modularity flexibility)
  • Clipsal C-BUS (Simplicity in Programing and Hand Pairing)
  • Dynalite (Scripting Multi functionality actions)
  • Bosch (Voltage Tolerance)
  • HAI (Security and Logic)
  • Crestron (IR and Integration)
  • Nuvo (Simplicity in Audio Distribution)
  • ELAN (Media and Special Sensors)
  • Control4 (Retro fit Solutions and Mesh Network)

Here we avoided Many issues, some are listed below like:

  • End of Loop Terminators (Echo, and daisy chain)
  • Voltage Drop or Over Power Issues (Loss of communication, or burning of com Boards)
  • Central Wiring (Start Topology Issues)
  • Load Limitation Issues (Low Load handling ability of Retro)
  • Wifi and LAN Network Issues (Freezes, Security, Pro installers)
  • Short circuit Issues (Losses)
  • Stocking of Multiple Devices for Multiple Function (Different Device for Different Volt and Function)
  • Non Uniform Shapes of Fixtures (Wall Agony)
  • Professional Programmers and Scripters issues (Limitations and Costs)
  • Special cables (Cost and Availability)

We also understood from our Experience that many Installation site Issues always exist and include the following:

  1. Working in Dark Locations (No Power yet)
  2. Working in Harsh Temperatures (Hot/Cold)
  3. Some Installers are Color Blind
  4. Sometimes cables are mixed with CCS, CCA or Other
  5. Sometimes communication and control cables must pass with Electrical Runs.
  6. Sometimes Installers connect loads then measure after its late
  7. Many go Cheap or easy and do not install protection fuses and breakers


Smart-BUS, Smart-Mesh, SBUSpro, SmartHome are all Registered Trademarks of Smart Group.  Smart-BUS Technology and Protocol is IP of Smart Group. All Smart-G4/G5 Generation Products are fully produced and are the technology of Smart Group. We have made manual for Distinguishing original from Counterfeit products that can be fount in some markets.

Please ask any company/factory that has Smart-BUS compatible product to pproduce their Licencing Authorization to use (Smartbus, SBUSpro Technology, pcb design, configuration software, and/or protocols and source codes..etc.). Such Authorization must be confirmed with Smart Group only to assure its validity.