Smart Industry Group, (SBUS)  is a Group of Companies which work together to fulfill One Target:
Techno Lifestyle Product Development and Solution Packaging

The Group Consist of the following Companies and Entities:

Smart Labs Inc.: An Entity Created for Complete Research and Development in Hardware and Firmware Level

Smart Soft Inc.: An Entity Created to Provide Total Software Support

Smart Industry Inc.: An Entity Created to Manufacture The Products of Smart-Labs to Highest Quality standards

Smart Solutions Inc.: An Entity Created to Market Smart Industry Products, and To Out-Source and OEM Integrated Products that Create Complete Solution Packages.

Smart ERAi : An Entity Created to Research and Provide Solutions in Energy, Responder, Adventure and Innovation


The Sister Companies: Smart G4 Canada, SmartHome Group and Digitcom Group Inc always Work Hand In Hand to Make Sure that All Market Expertise, Integration Methods, Latest Applications  and Designs, New Electronics and Furniture are all Integrated in Harmonic and Elegant Way under a Single Automation Control Platform.

Since 1986 Till Date, The Digitcom and Smarthome Family has walked a stable growth Path making it one of the Most Stable Industries in its sector today.

The Firm Has Established Several Hubs to Tackle All Trade Needs and Tech Support Requirements:

  • Smart G4 CANADA Base: To Handle CANADA and French speaking nodes

  • Shima Electronics Industry, China Base: To Handle Manufacturing and Supply Chain

  • SmartBUS America NV-USA Embassy: To Handle USA and Latin America

  • Smart G4 Australia Hub: To Handle AuziLand Support Needs

  • Smart Group Embassy, Philippines: To Handle Far East Network Development

  • Smart JNT Sweden  Base: To Handle Nordic Markets

  • SmartHome Group Russia: To Handle Russian Federation
  • SmartBuilding Control – Jordan Embassy: To Handle Mesopotamia Markets

  • Smart Solutions Group, Hong Kong Embassy: To Handle China, Hong Kong and Macao Markets

  • SmartHome Control, Dubai-UAE Embassy: To Facilitate for GCC , North and East Africa Network

  • SmartNordic ApS, Denmark Embassy: To Handle Market Research

  • Smart Group Colombia, Embassy: To Handle Latin America Presence

  • Smart G4 Control Italia: To Handle South European Area

3 More HUBS are Being Established to Support Africa, Central Asia, and Sub India,

Smart Group Entity and Owners Hold Several Registered Patents, Trade Marks, Brands that are Becoming World’s Top attract in Automation Industry.

Some of The Protocols Publically Registered are:
Smart-BUS Protocol, W-BUS Protocol,  Zone-BUS, Smart-MESH and Smart-Cloud.

Some of The Brands Registered are:
Digitcom, SmartHome, Sunseeker, W-BUS, Resound, Zone-Audio, Cool, Power Com.