Monitoring Elevator

Elevators, escalators and service lifts, cleaning lifts all play very vital function in every building. At smart G4, we make sure to be able to control and monitor the functionality, status and Alerts from all these mechanical  motor controlled devices. The smart G4 multi Input and output modules are the main units for performing this important task perfectly. additional SMS module can also be implemented for mobile unmanned ability to be always on alert.

Exit Door Alert & Control

Monitoring Exit Doors Security is a very important yet major factor of BMS and the building security. Smart G4 has designed a system controller that is able to monitor and Alert for 250,000 Deer Reed Contacts and inputs . Adding lock latch sensor to the door/ window/ patio doors and other Emergency exit doors would add more functionality reporting.

Climate Control

Whether it is for controlling the FCU, the AHU, the VAV, the VRV/VRF, Loopers, Exhaust fans, fresh air, Chilled water, Boilers, pumps or others, Smart G4 has designed solutions that can control, feed back and schedule the operation in most optimum way and  for older shopping centers that has hundreds of Split AC units, Smart G4 has also designed easy IR control and small AC Controls that will enable the control, temp setting, shut down for all at a click of one button.

Water Pump & Tank

Smart G4 pump control and Tank level monitoring as a simple and straight forward solution. Synchronizing pumps in buildings to keep functionality without over using of single pump is another factor that makes G4 unique.

Water tank level alerts and level reporting on simple mimic panel is another Plus for Smart G4 and its ability.

Hotel Generator

Using Sensors, I/O from Smart G4 together with third party protocol integration would directly give an easy solution to monitor Emergency Battery system status and health.

For Gensets backup electricity, smart G4 can monitor and control as well as synchronize generator work time and idle time. Also can switch Automatically between gensets. If needed using additional modules and third party middle switch-gear.

Security Camera

Security Cameras are  an important part of security and monitoring in a building. Smart G4 integrates camera added functions of Security Camera and DVR/NVR I/O for accomplishing the following:

1- (Receiving Example)    If motion is detected by camera sensors, Smart-G4 system can trigger actions like Lights, Vocal Recording, Motors and more

2- (Sending Example)    If motion or door opening is detected by smart G4, camera preset will automatically focus  at that door, Monitor will Automatically show that area with breach alert as example

3- (2 Way Communication)  using our JNT sip technology, The Guards for the  building or even for Boarder security, may listen, see and speak on Megaphones remotely giving instructions and warnings as example.

Many more smart G4 functionalities are available that fits every project need.

Door Access

BMS system also monitors and logs every special door access entry in the building. Smart-G4 made simple access sytem ability using 3 technologies:

1- RF Card Readers

2- Code Pads

3- Face recognition

These can be used collectively for door, elevator floor level access, parking and many more.