Floor Security and Access Control

Smart G4 provides many solutions for Accessing paring and accessing floors.  Some are based on valid ID, SMS gate, and on Biometric face recognizes.

The smart Elevator and floor access control is in car solution to only allow authorized people to access certain levels according to their in and out allowance.

Parking Garage Systems!

Smart G4 provides many garage and parking systems solutions. These includes and not limited to the following:

1- Garage access control

2- Garage water flooding and sump pump control

3- Garage Air Quality and Loopers control

4- Garage Lighting Control

Parking Space Management and Safety

Many smart solutions are also provided by Smart G4 for Parking Managment, that includes space managment, vacant space indicators, display guidance per parking floor, monitoring of the Grage, adding emergency phones and panic buttons.

Occupancy and energy!

Smart G4 has designed special sensors for garage and semi outdoors that help detect occupancy of walking pedestrians. also detectors for cars based on movement and access to level floors,

Energy is accordingly controlled with logic driven function that makes sure all safety, health and energy are all in full optimum balance.