Bio Series Reception

The New Hotel Bio-S or Hotel Bio-Series range allows easy profile creation at check in within seconds, Therefore so instead of programming and issuing hotel card, the receptionist simply registers face bio metrics (we call that Character), and this character is valid during the Check in up to the checkout time before it is deleted from the hotel green list. the character is distributed to all Main Hotel Bio-S devices like:

1- Guest Room

2- Elevator

3- Parking

4- Gym and Pool

5- SPA

Bio Series Elevator

Hotel Bio-Series solution is also used as passage card to allow guest during his valid stay duration to access his floor in elevator as well as all the public floors like restaurants, clubs, lobby, parking, hotel business center and other shopping arcade or cinema floors..etc.

The Bio-s elevator unit with our logic control enables an added feature of triggering Room (welcome Scene mode) once guest presses his Room Floor button while in elevator car after being recognized.

Welcome Scene would power-up and trigger AC, Curtain and lights settings to the presets designed by hotel designer and hotel management.

Likewise, after hotel guest (one or more registered at reception enrollment) leaves the room and rides in elevator leaving to lobby. It is possible to Automatically energy power-down and trigger AC, Curtain and lights settings to Goodbye scene mode.

Bio Series Room Entry

Once guest arrives to his room door, he is recognized similarly and door unlocking will take place with Automated welcome mode (Scene) activated automatically. the Bio hotel registers that Guest in Room for complete energy and other facility utilization.

Bio Series SPA Club and Gym

Bio-Hotel Series solution allows the enrolled valid guest to easiely access to all recreational facilities of hotel in full ease.

The Bio-Units at entrance of SPA, GYM, POOL, club..etc. will recognize guest, unlock door entry barrier and will give trigger to green light indicator for staff acknowledgment.

Bio Series Garage Entry

Bio-Hotel Series solution recognizes the enrolled valid guest and opens Garage barrier for the garage parking in full ease.

Bio Series Hotel Staff Enrollment

Bio-Hotel Series solution accepts the character of allowed Staff as to be scheduled and assigned by housekeeping and engineering management.

Enrolling the staff can take place at Hotel Security by Hotel Security Authorized officer.

Once enrolled, the staff can access rooms, and all entry logs are registered with time date stamp and duration of stay ..etc.

Bio Toilet and Entry Door control

Motorizing the Doors of Toilets and Room-Doors for special rooms for People with Disability (PWD) can activate the auto opening and closing function based on the valid registered guest face. accordingly lights, ac temp, water flow and many other functions can be enabled as per the designer and hotel management needs.