Hotel Door Bell Panel with Service

Built in Logic Control Module (Host), Back Lit, Bell Push, Functions: (DND, Clean Room, and Pick Laundry indicators), Online update to house keeping, and Front office. Disable Bell if DND is active. Bus Enabled Network. Secure, Screw less Fixing Magnet Technology, Include 1Z for Door Magnet, No Need for Special Back box (Uses standard 3×3 Market standard Back-box).

Hotel Bedside or Table Side Simplified Panel

Modified 15 Backlet Capacitive Touch Areas, to control Various GRMS Needs like: Service: DND, Clean, Laundry, Temp: (Cool, Cold, Warm) Moods: (All, Read, Wash/Dress, Sleep), Lights:, Curtain, TV++) DND,Clean, Laundry).

Hotel (9 Squares) Touch Switch H9TB (G4s)

S-BUS Enabled, Elegant Touch Glass Switch. ART and LED Back Light Pattern Enabled for Elegant Techno Look and Behaviour. This Device has 9 Flexible Touch Areas that can be Programed Seamlessly. The Installer can also Print and Affix The Description, Picture Icon, and Color As Label behind the Glass which shall be backlit by the Powered Panel.