Hotel Lobby Advertisement Signage

Modern Hotels uses modern technology to generate more revenue and traffic inside their hotel establishment. Adding Advertisement in lobby and restaurants entrances to inform and attract guests to special events, offers, and dining options is best and most favorable way for guests today.

Flexible Shapes and Sizes

Our LED displays can be both Standard or Custom type.

We can customize the screen based on client space, structural needs, budget, distance of viewer, and the mounting possibilities.

Screens can be different shape and curvature, can be embedded inside doors, elevator cars, columns, or to create an aura circle around the space.

Simply Contact our sales team for your custom needs and specs.

Easy Content Management

Smart G4 Affiliates Ve-com has all the content management software to control all or any screen within the hotel. The Ve-com allows timed, scheduled, event driven, and manually pushed content on the go in very easy and effective way

Toilet Displays and Ads

Smart G4 Ve-com has attractive displays for urinals, toilet floors and other special areas like SPA, elevator car and other Hotel areas as per hotel designer and management needs.

Restaurant and Bar BIG LED TV

Replacing the old Projectors, TV-Wall and other, we can offer state of the art LED displays that are Dimmable based on LUX-level and area ambiance needs.


Smart Group Affiliates Ve-com provides highest quality, guaranteed long life, with best prices to match and exceed client’s specification.

The screens can be configured to any size, shape, curve, and installation method as to best fit the building shape and structural constraints.

Simply contact our sales team with your needs.

LED Large Display for Weddings and Banquet halls

Indoor Displays are more affordable compared to outdoor type, and compared to standard large TV or TV wall systems. Our Smart Controlled Ve-com LED large Displays varies in size, resolution, and mounting method.

We do customize the Displays to fit client’s optimum needs, specs, shape, size and budget.  Displays can be done as circle shape curve and Sphere as example.

Please contact ours sales to be served properly.