Hotel Guest Wish

Hotel Room
Pool Area
Hotel Room

In my hotel room to:

  • have weather information for the day and forecast for the next day.
  • view my visitor outside my door from my TV.
  • have my TV and music automatically mute when the phone or door bell rings.
  • conveniently perform express checkout request.
  • be able to perform discrete late checkout requests and receive approvals.
  • have a secure private in—room safety deposit box.
  • have ice supply.
  • kiosk dispensers for tooth brush.swabs…etc. at my floor.
  • have room drop box for dirty laundry, shoes that can be accessed by staff from outside the room.

In bathroom, I would like to:

  • Enjoy music .
  • Watch tv.
  • Have phone access even while relaxing in the Jacuzzi.
  • Shave and groom my hair or put on make-up looking at fog-free clear mirror after shower.
  • Have hair dryer and lighted mirror magnifier.
  • Walk on temperature controlled floors.
  • Sit on temperature controlled toilet seat.
  • Automatically deodorize and sanitize air after toilet usage.
Pool Area

In the pool area, i would like to:

  • Enjoy magnificent lights.
  • Ambiance and romantic music.
  • Not have pests nor mosquito to bother me.
  • Have misters and coolers during hot days.
  • Be able to access interment tirelessly.
  • To call waiter for service by allocated call button.
  • Indulge in a swim with safe, clean and temperature controlled waters.
Auditorium and Banquets
Corridors and Lobby
Restaurant and Bar
Auditorium and Banquets

In auditorium and banquets. I would like to:

  • Have professional multimedia and audio devices for presentations & seminars.
  • Have the best flexibility to control temperature. lights and sound effects.
Corridors and Lobby

In corridors and Iobby. I would like to:

  • Be informed about hotel activities and hotel information
  • To check availability of sports and spa facilities
  • Have easy access to news. information and city guides
  • Display my visitors’ names on accessible screens at different hotel areas.
Restaurant and Bar

In the restaurant and bar, I would like to:

  • Electronically call for service
  • Have no cooking smell
  • Enjoy proper acoustics and illumination levels

Hotel Visitor Wish

When I visit the hotel, I would like to:
  • enjoy the convenience of valet parking
  • enjoy shopping in the arcade
  • conveniently call for a taxi
  • easily be able to locate the person I came to visit in the hotel areas
  • enjoy the great ambiance and entertainment

Hotel Owner Wish

  • be alerted about any moonlighting, unregistered usage of hotel room and facility
  • to save energy and budget with alerts per department and hotel room type
  • have the finest hotel ambiance and atmosphere as possible
  • ensure that only valid cards are inserted in energy saving modules to guarantee guests’
  • presence, save energy, monitor room readiness status, monitor AC trips, water leaks and light burns centrally.
  • supply the maintenance department, management and security personnel with wireless telecommunication system to enable swift service response
  • add more stars to my hotel, for higher room rates
  • minimize utility bills and maintenance expenses
  • add value and strengthen my property investment
  • decrease my insurance premium by having a sale and fully secured building premises
  • monitor and control cash in/out, generate full reports and transactions from all departments
  • bill phone calls, minibar and other services promptly
  • have a Smart Database with full information about regular clients’ profile regarding gender.
  • age, nationality, spending habits+ +
  • provide guests‘ with the best comfort level by avoiding any form of discomfort
  • keep an eye on all hotel areas and activities remotely
  • completely monitor Staffs’ access, behavior, activities and attendance records
  • have the best facilities for banquets, conferences and weddings with a complete audio visual and multimedia equipment

Hotel Management Wish

As member of the Hotel Management, I would like to:
  • Provide guests with the best comfort level during their stay.
  • Make all bills available directly for guests upon request.
  • Grant the hotel guests with the ultimate convenience.
  • Monitor room status and view service queue request aging reports.
  • Have access to room availability and occupancy.
  • Organize hotel room house keeping schedules.
  • Have an easily accessible and accurate stall time and attendance reports and habits assess the guests’ profile, visits and habits to provide a basis to evaluate and upgrade hotel services.
Pool & Garden Systems
Mosquito Killers
Pool Filtration Alerts & Temp. Control
Sprinkler & Irrigation Control
Fountains, Pumps & Misters Coolers
Garden Music & Speaker Systems
Mosquito Killers

Avoid any hassles with pests and enjoy swimming in the pool or relaxing in the garden.

Pool Filtration Alerts & Temp. Control

Take a plunge in the pool and Jacuzzi that are fully monitored for your health.

Sprinkler & Irrigation Control

Maintain a great outdoor ambiance with automatic sprinklers and irrigation control.

Fountains, Pumps & Misters Coolers

Add beauty and save energy with proper sensors and timers tor fountains and pumps, control the temperature to make it hot or cold as needed outdoors.

Garden Music & Speaker Systems

Enjoy music outdoors while having a dip in the pool or taking tea in the garden.

Hotel Engineer Wish

As Engineering, I would like to:
  • Be able to know about different hotel systems’ problems centrally.
  • to be able flexibly to add modify Audio visual equipment setup as needed.
  • to schedule advertisement and maintain broadcast
  • to communicate with my maintenance team swiftly
  • to be able to repair faults discretely without any client disturbance or contact
  • To be alerted about any room required maintenance promptly online
  • to be able to know the lights usage and replacement need with location list report
  • to get alerts on filters and cleaning and systems maintenance based on run time usage and sensors
Hotel Areas
Fire & Gas Alarms

Control, monitor and be alerted of all elevator, escalators access and malfunctions.


Full monitoring and alert of water tank level, water leakage alert, sump pump trap, water heaters and boilers, control valves, pump run and trip alerts, drainage pipes clogging, water filtration and chemical treatment levels. receptive smart sensors to study leaf dampness, soil watering level, pump trip and irrigation tank low level alerts, saving plants and water resources.

Hotel Areas

Complete systems control of compressors, chillers, drip trays and fan belts. Alerts systems on filter cleaning schedules for a proper temperature and humidity level, lresh air mixers, revertilizers and smell control for hotel areas.

Fire & Gas Alarms

Responsive warning systems of smart sensors for gas leak, CO, and smoke detectors.

Hotel Staff Wish

As a hotel staff, i have many wishes at my work place. I wish to:

  • Know that my managers are informed about my activities and service level
  • to be able to know the total hours I worked and overtime i have completed
  • to request vacation and leaves and know the opening spots
  • to know my schedules and tasks
  • to be able to communicate report and receive management requests directly