G5 Controls in the Industrial facility

  • I.O controller
  • System Process Control, Logic and Timers
  • Pumps control, Pressure and Flow Control
  • Overflow Alerts
  • Control of Temperature
  • Air Quality
  • Lighting Control
  • PA
  • General Safety, Security and Access

Warehouses and Storages G5 Solutions

  • Temperature Control (Cold Stores)
  • Humidity Control (Dry Stores)
  • General Security
  • Occupancy based Lighting Control
  • Alerts
  • CCTV and Safety
  • BMS

RTU Monitoring and Control

  • Diesel Tank Level and Alerts
  • Water Tank Level Control
  • Chemical Tank Level and Valve Control
  • Temperature and Humidity Control and Alerts
  • Genset Monitoring
  • Access Control
  • Base Communication

Kosher Industry & G4

Smart G4 provides perfect solutions for Kosher industry to keep remote ability to check via SMS Reports, to activate Remote prayer and announcement to all speakers or to specific zones and workers, and to activate packing and filling process via SMS remotely in full Ease.  Smart G4 has many more solutions that are based on detailed study of client needs.