Smarting up Mass Residential Development

All simple and affordable Ideas that are vital and adds value to the mass development project

Benefits to Building Developer

  • Stand out from Competition
  • Sells faster all his property
  • Adds value to the buyer
  • Makes a statement in his town to be the leader in technology
  • Get Governmental in-vision support and coverage by public media
  • Simple Affordable problems solver for all public building needs

Benefits for Apartment Owner/Tenant

  • Higher living standards
  • Adding resale value to the property
  • More health, comfort and control ability
  • Energy saving and scheduling
  • More secure living and fully controlled building
  • Super elegant looks and easy expandable system

Simple Garage G4 Solution

  • Access Entry Solution (Readers, Mag. Loop sensors)
  • CO gas and Air quality (Detectors, Loopers and controllers)
  • Lighting and Energy saving (System activation based on Occupancy)
  • Flooding and sump pump monitoring (Sensors and Controllers)
  • Elevator access Security (Elevator floor Controls)
  • Garage Heat battery effect (sensors, release of trapped air vents)
  • Unauthorized entry alert

Entrance Lobby and Elevator G4 Solution

  • Entrance Access (BT reader, 2R, NFC, Locks, Door closer, Long open alert)
  • Building Lobby BMS Mimic panel (Display all vital building Issues)
  • Elevator Floor access limiter (Only Authorized access)
    – By Authorized card Access any floor
    – Without card, access only GF, Garage floors
  • Apartment Call elevator up to floor with delivery/visitor
    – If press button from my apartment (only calls elevator to my floor)
  • Building facade and signage Lighting Control and Scheduling

Building Corridors Simple G4 Solution

  • Lighting when Needed, open door lights switch on for your wing side (Magnetic Contacts on All Apt Doors)
  • Temperature sensors (Activate HVAC only at critical points)
  • PIR at floor elevator lobby, and at entry to each wing side only
  • Schedule Maintenance based on summary of Hours worked

BMS Simple G4 Solutions

  • Water tank Level alerts
  • Septic tank Level alerts
  • Irrigation Control
  • Sump Pump
  • Boilers Control
  • Other BMS basics

Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna Controls

Apartment Main Needs (Buyer/Owner)

  • Safety of kids (remote parenting)
  • Security Alarm
  • Lights control,
  • Exhaust fans
  • Curtains
  • Fan Speed
  • Air Con / temperature (Energy, health and comfort)
  • Geiser/Boiler (Scheduling)
  • TV/Media Box Control
  • NFC Door Access
  • Elevator Control for Delivery and visitors

Smart Studio Apt.

1- Bedside Controller Switch
2- Curtain / Drape Control
3- Home Theater Speakers
4- Hand Held Remote Control
5- 9 in 1 Sensor

6- LED Tiles & Mood Lights
7- Smart Kitchen Appliances
8- Cool Panel PC & TV
9- Multimedia Streaming Box
10- High Quality Ceiling Speaker

11- Smart Air Conditioning Control
12- Touch Life Touch Screen
13- DDPs
14- Gas Leak Sensor & Shut off Valve
15- BGM Music

Hornet center package

Smart Group has designed an introductory Package that helps the mass developer deliver to his buyers a state of the art solution that is elegant, yet affordable. (this solution must be ordered and installed during the construction phase. it must be ordered in bulk Qty of 50 Apartments minimum to be feasible in both Price and installation.

The hornet Package provides the home needs of:

  • Lighting and dimming Control
  • Air conditioning control
  • Curtain Control
  • IR media TV and Sat Box/DVD control
  • Ceiling fan speed control
  • Security of balcony door and Main entrance
  • optional Door access control using wifi App
  • Wifi and IR hand held remote control and more

Optional Music Package and other can also be added

Mini Hornet Package

The mini hornet package, is an additional Package that Smart G4 has prepared for Developers that do not wish to change the existing wiring, yet are welling to add Data cable within the electrical conduits together for control and monitoring.  Smart G4 has this easy package for lighting and for curtain control needs.

Smart Group give the Developer special solution and treatment to help him boost his sales and stand out with super stable solution.

Optional Motion, and IR Ac control or music can be added as to be needed

Gladiator-APT Package

The Gladiator Packages are designed to fit either Small or Medium apartment sizes. We have designed flexibly 2 packages as ;

1- Gladiator8 for Small size like sudio and one bedroom

2- Gladiator16 for Medium size like 2-3 bedroom apartment

Each of these packages cover Lighting, Air-conditioning, and curtains mainly.

Add on can be done for Music, motion or other.

These Packages are designed for mass development and require to be wired accurately in advance during construction Phase.

Contact Smart G4 with your floor plans and the Qty of apartments per type. we shall help you with best possible solution and pricing.