What Is A Museum?

It Is A Space That Displays Works Of Mind That We Like To Show To Visitors And Next Generations Both For Knowledge And Profit Targets.

  • The Museum can be an Open air site, a full building, a section inside a building or can even be mobile type
  • Many Showrooms of cars as example fall under museum category because of the similar functionality and purpose

Normal Museum Missing Requirements:

  • Dynamic Lighting (to Enhance Experience)
  • Easy Swift Multi Lingual Explanations About Displays
  • Ambient Temperature And Humidity Control
  • Energy Saving If No Traffic (waste-less Museum)

Smart-Museum Is An Innovative & Simple Conceptual Solution Catered For
All Above Needs.

Smart G4 provides unique ability to serve museum needs both for outdoors and indoors. Smart G4 research team has invented many solutions that fits different Museums to cater  visitor ages and different languages. Here some of the solution Ideas:

Affordable Options Available By Smart-G4
A- Press Button To Activate Language And Dynamic Lighting
B- Pass Your Entry Card With Pre Configured Language To Activate Displays
C- Touch The Interesting Information Section In Your Language To Be Briefed

Unique Smart G4 Options:

  • Contained Audio Zone (Sound stays contained – do not bother other visitors)
  • Audio and Videos plays based on occupancy and the preferred language that can be selected or sensed using BT or NFC
  • Multi-lingual Touch Menu Displays and Panels
  • General Lighting Control of the building façade and indoor areas
  • Climate Control with special humidity, air temperature and quality control
  • Energy Saving in general
  • Special Areas secured Authorized access control
  • Total Lockout System in case of Alarm for high security museums with multiple lines of defense automated scenario
  • More big list of Ideas available for different Museum types. Kindly contact our Sales to assist you with your project needs

Outdoors / Indoor Museums

Science Museum
√ Art Museum
√ History museum
√ Sports Museum
√ War Museum
√ Nature Museum
√ Culture Museum
√ Car museum
√ Space Museum
√ Marine Museum
√ Wax Museum
√ Zoo Museum
√ Aerospace Museum
√ Artifacts Museum
√ Photos Museum
√ Butterfly Museum
√ And many More

● Dynamic Lighting
● Easy Listen and See
● Controlled Ambiance
● Language Usage Report
● Visits Counter

Archaeology Museum

They display archaeological artifacts. They can be open-air museums or they can exhibit items in a building.

Art Museum

Also known as Art Galleries. They are spaces for showing art objects,  commonly visual arts objects such as paintings, sculpture, photography, illustrations, drawings, ceramics or metalworks.

Science Museum

Specialized for Science and History of science. In the beginning they were static display of objects but now  are made  interactive so that the  visitors can participate and that way better learn about different branches of science.

History Museum

They collect objects and artifacts that narrates a chronological story about particular locality. Objects that are collected could be documents, artifacts, archaeological findings and others. They could be in a building, Historic house or a Historic.

Military & War Museum

Museums specialized in military histories. Usually organized from a point of view of a one nation and conflicts in which that country has taken part. They collect and present weapons, uniforms, decorations, war technology and other objects.

Encyclopedic Museum

A Generally large institutions that  a wide variety of information on many themes, both local and global. They are not thematically defined nor specialized.

James cudo is a well-known american curator and art historian who currently acts as ceo of the world’s wealthiest art institution , The J .Paul gelly trus he is an avid defender and promoter of the encyclopedic museum.

Historic House Museum

A house or a building transformed into a museum for a variety of reasons, most commonly because the person that lived in it was important or something important happened in it. House is often equipped with furniture like it was in the time when it was used. Visitors of the house learn through guides that tell story of the house and its inhabitants.

Living History Museum

A  type of  museum in which historic events are performed by actors to  to show and involve viewers how certain events looked like or how some crafts were performed giving the visitors an experience of reliving the history.

Maritime Museum

Specialized museums for displaying maritime history, culture or archaeology. Primarily archaeological maritime museums exhibit artifacts and preserved shipwrecks recovered from bodies of water. Maritime history museums, show and educate the public about humanity’s maritime past.

Mobile Museum

Museums that have no specifically strict place of exhibiting. They could be exhibited from a vehicle or they could move from museum to museum as guests. Also a name for a parts of exhibitions of a museum that are sent to another museum.

Natural History Museum

Museum that displays objects such as  animals or plants specimens. They educate about natural history, dinosaurs, zoology, oceanography, anthropology, evolution, environmental issues, and more.

Open-air Museum

Characteristic for exhibiting outdoors. Exhibitions consist of buildings that recreate architecture from the past.

Pop-up Museum

Nontraditional museum institutions. Made to last short and often relying on visitors to provide museum objects and labels while professionals or institution only provide theme. With that is constructed shared historical authority.

Music Instruments Museum

Museum: Museum specialized in musical instruments. They collect and present instruments, present photos and history of music, musicians and its related sounds.

Transportation Museum

This type of museum is a both governmental and private collector’s place to display old Cars, Motorcycles, Engines and other related carriages, Buses, Trains, etc.

From The Movies Museum

This museum  is a place that display props cars, costume collection, weapons and other movie related display items.

Aerospace Museum

Also called Aviation museum, is a museum exhibiting the history and artifacts of aviation. In addition to actual, replica or accurate reproduction aircraft, exhibits can include photographs, maps, models, dioramas, clothing and equipment used by aviators.

Wax Museum

Usually consists of a collection of wax sculptures representing famous people from history and contemporary personalities exhibited in lifelike poses, wearing real clothes

Jewelry Museum

It contains ancient jewelry from different countries. Special modern Jewelry or both.