Smart City

Smart City is a complex mix of many ingredients that together form a complete
harmonic flexible system which provides both government and people inhabiting or visiting with all convenience, speed and wastage free solution…


Smart Agriculture

Internet of Things


Smart Health

Smart Mobility



Smart Money

Smart Government

Smart Education



Smart Hotel





Smart City is a complex mix of many ingredients that together form a complete harmonic flexible system which provides both government and people inhabiting or visiting that city with all convenience, speed and wastage free concept/solution…

  • Enrolling and File Opening
  • Insurance and Billing
  • Habits and Allergies
  • General Treatment file
  • Donor membership
  • Preferences
  • What problems do I have?
  • What is my medication and how to take it?
  • What is my diet?, How to follow it?
  • What my physical routine  Exercises?
  • What to do before Lab test
  • When is the next visit

Smart Hospital
Concept of a Smart City

OutPatient – Queuing, Appointment
InPatient – control, convenience
Treatment – medicine, diet, practice

  • Estimated Time and People
  • Doctor Information & Experience
  • Next Clinic or Lab
  • Where are you now (Map)
  • My Hospital Day
  • Symptoms and Health
  • Special Visiting Doctors (Offers)
  • I Feel Pain, Hot, Cold
  • where is?.. I need to nurse my baby
  • I feel hungry, thirsty
  • I need to change my dress, bed sheets
  • I need Nurse attention, to see a Doctor
  • Control my lights, TV, drapes, AC

Smart School
Concept Of a Smart City

BUS – scheduling. where is the bus?
Classes – time table, homework
Exams – times, dates, marks
File – attendance, moral, comments

Smart classroom that can interact between students, parents and teachers.
Capable of transferring work between students and teachers. inform parents of homework and performance Smart Classroom that controls its own ambiance and temperature in ease

Parents always dreams to have a full ability to view classroom activities online,
checking child attendance, grades and home work , Where is my child now? When will the bus arrive? What activities are they having this term …

Smart Streets: detects traffic, reports problems like: floods and clogs.
Saves energy, brightens up for pedestrians, reports vacant parking spaces, adjusts according to clouds and darkness …

Smart Street
Concept Of a Smart City

Street  – light up street ahead, where to park
Sidewalk – pay parking, light up walkway

Smart Streets: Could also have mobile pedestrian walkways, temperature
controlled path ways and waiting areas, temperature and frost control system for snow handling …

Imagine the ability greet accurately when your guests arrive. To have their favorite dish and wine available, to offer the best rates, points, bargains. As a guest: To check in, open the door for your companion remotely before you arrive. To easily checkout, pay and reserve again in full convenience. To have special offers pushed to your mobile wherever you are in the Smart City …

Smart Hotel
Concept Of a Smart City

Portfolio –  guest habits, likings, information
Check in/out – reservation and key-less check in/out
Location – easy offers on the go in the city
Network – world wide privileges

Smart Hotel covers the easy control of Guest Room systems like: lights, temperature, service requests, curtains, music and video or TV channels…

Smart Parking
Concept Of a Smart City

Free – free parking locations
Full – no spaces available
Display – easy directions and interactivity
Nearby – apps to find parking and pay tickets

Parking Vehicles is one major issue that smart city should be able to handle using convenient sensors and apps that allow easy finding of the desired parking space, reserving it for a fee, and paying for the parking online as well as finding my car…

Smart Home
Concept Of a Smart City

Metering – saving energy, saving water
Curtain – shading to save or collect energy
Media – entertain well, communicate
Mood – health convenience, comfort
Irrigation – if rain, stop system
Light – the fourth dimension in life
Climate – temperature control for comfort

Smart Homes and apartments are very essential ingredient of Smart City. Having a professional smart control system would help to cut waste in water, electricity and power. This helps the city minimizing the need to expanding generator’s capacity uselessly …

Smart and Green Homes also decrease the need for extra energy consumption. Recycling of materials, as well as proper garbage disposal organizing would help municipalities to conveniently recycle both solid waste and waste water …


Smart Mall
Concept Of a Smart City

Find – where is it?,, what does it offer?
Buy – see, touch, try, buy, pay

Smart Mall has full energy saving, easy evacuation system, and intelligent marketing ability to fit the new smart city demands like: special easy apps for Broadcasting special offers, finding shops in mall, paying and warrantee handling …

Smart Building
Concept Of a Smart City

PA – announcement, BGM, evacuation
Shading – energy harvesting and insulation
BMS – elevators, pumps, chillers, boilers
Parking – space management, safety
Connect – communicate, admit, deny
Lighting – comfort, beauty, ambiance
Energy – metering, climate control, saving

Smart Buildings are one major player in smart city concept. Starting from its materials, circulation, energy handling all the way up to the easy applications that minimize waste in efforts, time and resources while maintaining the best serviceability and comfort at all times.

Smart Shading system that adjust to sun movement, with electro tenting to harvest more energy. Space allocation and energy diversion and budgeting. Parking space smart re-assignment and management based on vehicle/user current location. visitor high security easy access, enchanted lighting that dresses the building with new looks at different nights…


Smart Park
Concept Of a Smart City

Reserve – entry tickets, rides, show, languages
Enjoy – pay, collect points, educate
Recommend – comment, share, rate

Smart Parks represent the Smart City ability and advancement levels. Either it is museum, amusement park, or public garden… The system must be ready for easy information with multi translations to educate visitors and to assist in keeping good memories.

Smart Temple
Concept Of a Smart City

Nearest – locations
Timings – prayers, ceremonials
Regulation – dress, manners, education
Donation – help, donate money, service

Smart Temples are the pride of the city. Running such huge public structures involve lots of waste in energy, water and other utilities that can be directed to build more charities and improving current structures rather that being spent uselessly

Concept of a Smart City

  • Car – When you need ?
  • Train – check and buy your tickets
  • Air – ticketing, arrival, departure
  • Boat – ticketing, schedules
  • Bus – routes, time, tickets

• Where is bus Now?
• When will the bus arrive?
• Has the flight landed?
• ET of custom/ Immigration clearance
• When is the next ferry
• How long  the  Trip?  Per  Type ?
• Grab nearest Taxi
• How much to pay Taxi?
• What is the fastest Train trip?
• What is the best connection?


Smart Government
Concept Of a Smart City

Applications – passport, marriage, ID, certificates
Fines – Traffic, municipality, taxes
Regulations – rules, new laws, how to do

Smart Government is one of the most important ingredients of smart city. Citizens and any foreigner dwelling in the smart city would find it most convenient to know the rules and regulations, applications requirements and fees, timings and locations …


Smart Government online system would make things very convenient saving time, efforts and queuing waste. Wherein online applications, checked document lists, pickup appointment, processing progress bar, delivery tracking, renewals reminders push notifications, fines payments and other are electronic …


Smart Waste Management
Concept Of a Smart City

Solid waste – metals, wood, glass, plastic
Gases – industries, garbage
Recycling – organic, non organic
Waste water – collecting, treatment
Garbage – collection, segregation


Cities produce lots of solid and water waste in form of garbage, sanitary and other industrious or construction waste. Smart Cities has ability to collect segregate, transport, recycle, reuse maximum wasted material in an optimum way. Having smart garbage systems and easy canisters would motivate public to participate where money and points as good citizen would be awarded in return…


Smart Grid
Concept Of a Smart City


Participating in energy generation and encouraging public to care about energy value by producing, selling and sharing that energy to others, this would create a more smart energy efficient city where everyone becomes an investor that participate in generating energy and decreasing the waste and energy losses. (Everyone can be part of the Smart Grid market).

Concept of a Smart City

Pay – For any Service
Receive – From any One
Transfer  – To any One

  • Transfer to Family Members
  • Managing Children Allowance
  • Pay public Transportation fare
  • Pay Grocery and Supermarket bills
  • Pay online Utilities
  • Reserve and Pay Tickets
  • Pay Shops and deliveries


  • Add Bank Cards
  • Receive Salary
  • Receive Cash from Friends
  • Receive Gifts
  • Receive Refunds
  • Receive Special Offers
  • Receive Cash for Service

Cash On the Go Wireless Money
Your Mobile Phone is all you Need

The Heart of the Smart City

Smart Money Handling within the City/Country is the base of all transactions and interactions with every constituent of such city, for example:

  • Transportation: Reserving, estimating and Paying at convenience
  •  Health care: booking, medication, and visiting or admittance
  • Communication: top up and offers enrollment
  • Governmental: Renewals, fines and applications
  • Utilities: Energy, Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Education: Tuition, Trips, Books
  • Hotels: Booking, checking in/out, dining

• My son need to pay the taxi fare
• My wife need to pay the plumber’s bill
• My daughter is at the mall and she needs to pay hair dresser
• My brother arrived to town late and there are no money exchange houses open

Safely Carry your Money in your Mobile or NFC Card

Concept Of a Smart City


Environment impacts every thing in the daily city life. Weather, rainfall, snowfall,
flooding, typhoons, hurricanes, and other alerts can anticipate disasters before they happen saving businesses and lives. Air and water quality, UV rays levels alerts can enhance living and health levels

Smart Agriculture
Concept Of a Smart City

Environment – flow, temperature, rain, wind
Soil + Water – nutrition, quality, dampness, insects
Fertility –  fish, trees, chicken


Farming control is a utmost vital element in increasing productivity, quality of production, and deceasing the risks. Smart sensors and applications help in controlling the environment for closed plantation (green houses) poultry and fishery farming. Also outdoor sensors help in perfecting the timing for flowering and fertility of huge agriculture like palm oil trees and other. Soil moisture, leaves damp sensors, rain sensors, wind, and much more… .

Internet of Things
Concept Of a Smart City


The final challenge and the ultimate frontier in today’s technology mission is combining many smart ingredients together into one harmonic solution to operate as one body under one cloud over internet connectivity. be part of the story of the City.

How G5 Do Things
G5 Engine of Smart City

Simple Methodology

1- IOT Enabled Sensors
Smart-BUS Sensors with Internet Gateway
2- Human Apps in Mobile connected
3- Phones and Smart Devices
4- Analytical Cloud Software and reporting