Muslim Owner’s House (Religious)
Smart Muslim-House responds to its owner

As Muslims pray 3-5 times per day depending on the religious believe sectors, as  since there are many cities globally with different time zone that follows the sun astrological position at that particular time and  specific location.

Where as  music and media are not allowed during prayer times.

After understanding and respecting these needs, Smart-Group has designed a unique Automated Athan (Azan) system with Automated intermission.

The 99 Years ready Smart Athan timers built into our clock logic module that has inbuilt timing calculation algorithms varying  depending on house city location on the globe, ready for over 4 million cities longitude and latitude.

Based on the system’s intelligent feature,  The Smart Athan sends command to our Zone audio, and media devices to execute Athan (Azan) mood. Where blinds close, lights presets, music stops, TV switches off and the call for prayer is announced throughout the house overriding closed speaker systems.

Since the call for prayer is another variable that changes based on Prayer type , and as well on the religious believe. Smart G4 has catered and managed to get all that fully achieved in a smooth and easy way.

Smart Christian Owner’s House (religious)
Religious Christian Home is Simple

Unlike the complex variables in calculation compared to Muslims, Christian house is very simple and requires Prayers to be played in the morning and at supper table.  Smart G4 system has made it easy to Automatically and Manually call for different prayers based on the time of the day:

1- Morning Recitals

2- Lunch Grace

3- Supper Grace

Similarly to Muslim home, all music and media must be switched off and soul submission mood will take over accordingly.

Jewish Owner’s Home (Religious)
Jewish Home is Very Special

If you’ve  always dreamed of easily controlling all your home systems at the touch of a button, even if you’re not actually  in it, it’s  time to turn a dream into a reality with the smart G4 and Audio Motiv Solutions.

The real challenges of Shabbat are behind us – we have neither recognition nor coercion, and we do not need to improvise all kinds of patents to survive Shabbat.
Nowadays, Shabbat observers are pampered and blessed, and Shabbat is mostly a pleasure of singing and dining – the house is air conditioned, the food is hot, and the atmosphere is great. Still, you can always upgrade a little more and enjoy Shabbat On Saturday and also during the week.

 can smart  home  technology  improve  our  quality  of life?

First we will start by detailing how smart home technology is harnessed to help us keep the Sabbath. Through a control panel or an app from Audio Motin, a company that specializes in a variety of technological aids, you can control each of the home’s electrical products:

  • Air Conditioning –   Maintaining TamFixed temperature or hourly change
  • Lighting fixtures – Control over The lighting in the different rooms in the house
  • Electric shutters – Adjust the shutters according to the height And for exposing the desired light
  • Alarm systems – Remote control of alarm systems – Receiving alerts By specific location in the house
  • Security cameras – Online connection to security cameras and remote control of the camera
  • Solar water heaters
  • Irrigation systems -Smart watering combined with humidity sensors or direction of watering by daytime
  • Intercom
  • Audio System
  • And more this system serves as a smart replacement for Shabbat clocks, and is tailored to the tradition-keeping public

Smart Home keeps   Shabbat Maximum  Pleasure  Shabbat

Those who regularly use Shabbat clocks know how difficult it is to keep up with them. Shabbat clocks turn on late and turn off early, and most often the feeling is that they are estimated in ignorance, as if they have a life of their own. That the various systems will work exactly as they should, without concessions and without compromise.

Using a dedicated G4 app from the Smart Home system, you can digitally and accurately tune the Shabbat clocks of the lighting and air conditioners to the specific minute.

This saves a lot of money and resources as well as compromising the convenience of use due to unnecessary delays.

Full control of  the doorways  

Most homes today have electric shutters that replace the manual shutters of yesteryear.

Using an advanced smart home system, you can schedule the opening and closing of the electric shutter as needed – if you feel like going out on the porch during Shabbat, or closing the shutters as the sun begins to penetrate, it is possible and easily.

Partial or hermetic of the openings will  easily protect the house from dirt, moisture, cold and heat, and most importantly – schedule the desired action well in advance.

Enough running around  – a scenario direction  that  varies   according to the  Sabbath  time

Who does not know the weekly run, an hour before Shabbat between Shabbat clocks at home?

Skipping and jumping from room to room to adjust the Shabbat clocks of each air conditioner, and turning on and off some appliances to work at the right time.

Even someone whose Sabbath clocks are placed in one panel, has difficulty adjusting them and any mistake can be so critical.

Using the dedicated app developed by Audio Motin and G4, the homeowner will be able to tune all appliances, several Saturdays ahead, or even make small adjustments to the current Saturday, without waiting for the last moments and syncing with the Saturday time. One less task on Friday, much less stress at the beginning of Shabbat, it is already a kind of next world.

Control from  anywhere  via an app

Did you go to the grocery store to sit down on Friday, and came across a long line?

This is a wonderful opportunity to direct the on and off of all the systems in the house through the app.

Did you drive to sit and remember that the boiler should be turned on or are you afraid that someone left it on? At the entrance to the management system in the app you can check which appliances are on, turn off appliances that are not needed, and also, instead of returning to a humid and hot house, you can open the electric shutters on Saturday night, turn on air conditioner and electric boiler, thus ensuring fragrance-home. With hot water and maybe some nice song that will greet you at your entrance. Significant financial savings, and not just on Saturday.

Technology Home smart Wireless is much more than just another advanced technology designed to make the Sabbath pleasant. This is a useful daily tool that will allow you to manage the whole house during the week, from work, travel and even during a trip in the most efficient way. Easily remotely monitor how many air conditioners are running at the same time, turn them on if necessary, set security cameras, turn the boiler on and off when you are on your way from work, turn off and turn on irrigation systems, heater, and make sure everyone turns off lights at home after school.

Make an order in wasting electricity with wireless smart home technology.

Maximum accessibility,  user-friendly  

At Motiv Audio, we install a smart home in the most advanced way, with an emphasis on product design in the most user-friendly way, so that everyone can easily and without explanation understand how to easily and naturally orient themselves in the management systems of all electrical products.

Smart home systems design – with the leading company in Israel Audio Motin

Audio Motin deals with a variety of technological projects in private homes, luxury buildings, offices, yachts and hotels.

Audio Motin was recently selected to lead and accompany the flagship project of Design City, an international-level architectural project -A new design complex in Mishor Adumim and the Jerusalem area that is supposed to provide a design solution for almost a million residents of the area.

Performing audio motin Installation of smart home systems in homes under construction and renovations as well as in existing homes units  existing infrastructure. When new homes and renovations can also benefit from a panel with wired connection and app, and those who are not renovating will enjoy using the accessible and convenient app.

Beyond smart home technology, Audio Motin works to manufacture technological equipment for medical purposes, education, industry upgrades and more. The company, owned by Shai and Avishad Barkalifa, helps to adapt the most appropriate technological system for each space, home or business. Delight the Shabbat with a smart home that keeps Shabbat, and also save money all week and improve the quality of life easily and effortlessly, the professional team of Audio Motif has created the most advanced products, so that you can enjoy all the worlds.

Hindu Owner (religious)
Hindu Home is Special Place

For Hindus, Prayer is a powerful tool that allows individuals to purify their mind and gain spiritual strength. Prayer is believed to be the foundation of success.

Samdhya is a Hindu ritual of worship and meditation performed two to three times a day. Hindus believe that adherence to a series of daily morning and evening rituals will find them favor in life and will purify them for communion with God. Mainly there are three prayers

  1. Morning purification Prayer
  2. Prayer before Meals
  3. Bed time prayer

Smart Group has developed the products that has built in logic modules with timer algorithms which sends command to our Zone audio and media devices to execute Morning prayer mood, wherein blind open, light presets, prayer song starts so that one can pray to God as his child, who demands the rightful share of all God’s bounties, pray to God, seeking blessings for the day.

Morning prayers

“O! Mother Earth, who has the ocean as clothes and mountains and forests on her body, who is the wife of Lord Vishnu, I bow to you.  Please forgive me for touching you with my feet.”

“In this water, I invoke the presence of holy waters from the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Narmada, Sindhu and Kaveri.” Gayatri Mantra, a prayer to the sun, is a well-known and holy prayer, essential to the morning ritual. Om bhur bhuvah svah tat savitur varen(i)yam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah procodaya

Before a meal, Hindus offer food to God and thank him for the meal they are about to receive. During this time, none of the technology is used, thus no one uses lights, mobile phone, or air-conditioning. Smart G4 creates its own mood triggering Zone audio on preset timing to recite prayer before meals.

“Brahman is the oblation; Brahman is the clarified butter etc. constituting the offerings, by Brahman is the oblation poured into the fire of Brahman; Brahman verily shall be reached by him who always sees Brahman in all actions.”

  • Bedtime Prayer

Before going to sleep, Hindus thank God for the day that has passed and seek blessings for tomorrow.Smartg4 ‘s device sends command to zone audio to execute bed time prayer ,with slowly switch off lights, air-condition set on healthy setting, closing curtains ,switching off rest of the lights in the house and other devices enabling preset night mood.

“Oh Lord kindly forgive my wrong actions done knowingly or unknowingly, either through my organs of action (hand, feet, speech) or through my organs of perception (eyes, ears) or by my mind. Glory unto Thee O Lord, who is the ocean of kindness.”