Elegance and Comfort
Living in luxury

Smart G4 Elite Products adds status to the house owner and gives a waw factor to the visitors, while adding resale value and better collateral to the buyer.

Smart G4 Elite series of products satisfy all this and more. some of the products are:

  • The Elite Series
  • The  Lotus Series
  • The Q-Metalica Series
  • The ART, Galaxy, TS, O2, Sigma, and Bubbles Series
  • The JNG Series with its matching Powerline outlets

All these are made for the Rich and famous.

We also Have New Mosaic that would definitely satisfy your senses.

Green, Safe & Secure
Indulge in Safety

With smart G4 solutions, your life is safe and secure. Thanks to our state of the art multi-lines of defense and deterrence to any intruder. Smart G4 provides safety of property and mind equally by providing full automated monitoring and alerts against fire, pool drowning, gas and water leak..etc.

Smart G4 is a green solution that adds additional safety in form of return of investment by saving energy, lowering insurance premium, and adding resale value to the property.

Total Control
Total Control under your finger tips

Smart G4 total solution gives the home owner ability to monitor control and command his wishes in convenience almost at any location.

Smart G4 provides flexible control abilities as following:

  • Manual Control (using Wall Switches, Smart Panels or Touch controllers)
  • Hand Held Remotes (Simple Remote,  Smart and Touch Universal remotes)
  • Voice activated Control
  • ON-TV Android-Box Control (control your room while streaming your media)
  • Smart Phones (for Android & IOS)
  • Smart Tablet (windows, Ipad, Android tablets)
  • Laptop or PC (Windows OS)
  • Wall Mounted Touch Screen (Lotus Series)
  • Logical Control (Event driven as per client wish)
  • SMS Control (from any mobile phone any where almost)
  • Scheduled Control (Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly scheduled scenarios)
  • By Face Recognition (your face determines your comfort mode per zone)
  • By Bluetooth (your smart watch and tag drives the moods and scenes per area based on your movement in the house) take your music and media, your temperature and light preference with you on the move.