Light Control

Light is the 4th Dimension. SMART Group understand Light and its Effects, from intensity, shape, speed of color transmission, angle and shadows. Smart-G4 solution allow full flexibility to accomplish such controls. In Stadiums due to huge load capacities, big size structure, distances and Quantity of circuits (lighting channels), thus only professional systems like smartBUS G4 are capable to handle such complex needs project.

The SMART-G4 Stadium Lighting Control system can control 6 million Lighting Circuits in one click to switch off  example. The Smart-G4 system can manage energy loads to avoid rush overflow and prevent circuitry damage. The logical load management and Protection Array is a core technology and one of the unique features that makes SMART-BUS G4 superior.

Another Unique feature is the distances that Smart-BUS G4 can reach over normal UTP CAT6 copper cable which can exceed 2.3 Kilometers without any need for any boosters nor hubs. (Simply a cable only).

Smart-G4 Controls includes High Power Relays, Dimmers, DMX Bridges, LED Drivers and Boosters, 0-10V Controllers, RS232- RS485, UDP and TCP Controller, Modbus Bridges and more.. according to the Needed Fixtures control protocol or mechanism.

Smart-G4 Stadium Lighting Controls covers indoor as well as Outdoor Magnificent Lighting Effects and controls that can be driven with Light Show that can attract and make that Stadium as iconic city monument


Color Control

The SMART-G4 COLOR controllers has a state of art ability to control almost any type of Beam lights, LED Lights, Moving Heads, Wall Washers, And Other

SMART-G4 color control ability is superior. It can easily control the temperature of the color into millions of mixes using and controlling the color standards like: RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White), CMYK (cyan-magenta-yellow-key).

Color Control can be achieve Internally and Externally  Inside stadium areas or outside the Fascia of the building the surroundings and in between creating many illusions

Smart-G4 Show control software can drive Light Color and create magical 3rd and 4th Dimensional effects that naked eye to its artistic beauty.


Effects Control

The SMART-G4 Controls can achieve more than Light control ability.

Effects controls that include the Dynamic Light Change, the Fireworks, The Moving Platforms, The water Fall effects, the Elevator Islands, the Moving Bridges, the Water Fountains the enchanted magical Trees and outdoors surroundings

The SMART-G4 Systems can control Valves, Motors, Triggers, DMX and many more

The SMART-G4 show control can synchronize Music with different effects. Such type of software and controls are always needed during Events Inaugurations, Festive gatherings, opening and closing ceremonies and more..


Audio Visual Controls

The SMART-G4 System controllers integrate easily to Audio Visual controls.

The SMART-G4 can also act as bridge for emergency evacuation, direct Airplay announcements for VIP, PA and other.

The SMART-G4 system can also allow timed Announcements, Multi Language Prompts, Easy Music broadcast and more.

The SMART-G4 and Net to stream can easily stream directed Advertisement on thousands of Screens in the stadium, can stream live video and audio, transfer Life events from CCTV and TV Cameras to any visual Device like Televisions, LCD, LED displays, Video Walls in single and matrix, unified or different content in fully addressable format.



The SMART-G4 controls provide best comfort technologies inside VIP lounges and chambers at different stadium types. The Smart-G4 VIP controls cover many aspects needed in that VIP Area like Privacy, Security, and controls.

Examples of systems that can be provided are: Access Control, Electro Tented Glass, Curtain and Drape control, Sun Louvers  Indention  Controls, Lighting Controls, BGM Controls, Temperature and Climate controls, Air Washers Revitalizers and Odor Controls, Multi Displays and more.

The SMART-G4 guarantees state of the art comfort and prestigious mood and scene adjustment based on event, climate, and ambient light and weather


Athletic Area Controls

The SMART-G4 has made sure to be able to control many athletic areas like Pools, Play grounds and More.

The controls guarantee Quality of the facility by maintaining Temperature, Moisture, Humidity, Water Level, ICE thickness, Co2 gas, UV level, Grass Quality, and More.

Pools water Quality is a major area where Smart-G4 makes sure that the water is always clean, to the level, and at the temperature needed.

Closed Stadiums and Grounds are another place where temperature, fresh air, air quality, oxygen level, and odor removal and disinfection is a priority based on quantity of people that has entered to that area, and the many sensors that control the air quality of that festive.


Wastage Control

The SMART-G4 Concept about minimizing wastage inside any smart building is one of the key factors that help the building to be a leed based on one of the major factors needed to make it Green with good foot print.

SMART-G4 sensors prevent wastage in areas that are not occupied for long periods, such wastage include wastage of Cold Air, Heating, Water Wastage and other.

Smart-G4 also helps improve the maintenance level and decrease the need for maintenance by cutting down run times, providing alerts in advance for Filters, Water Leakage, Humidity levels and other, in such a way that help in preventive maintenance that adds to recovery of time, maintenance time, repair time and down time.


Reservation, Parking & Apps

The Smart-G4 System provides state of the art Parking Management Systems with display and analysis, high security of the structure and visitors.

The SMART-G4 can also provide easy Entry and Queuing Systems. Easy Tagging, intelligent lockers and responsive Vending Machines that  enables public to enjoy full facilities at their finger tips.

Reservation system can be enabled online with apps customizable can be for country’s languages and needs including lottery on tickets, special event offers, priority entry, VIP or special seats, and more.

Apps can also be enabled for reserving Transportation tickets for Metro, Train or Calling Taxi and other public needs.


Go Green

In all SMART-G4 system design or product design, the main target is energy saving and wastage cutting.

The SMART-G4 wiring topology, operating power consumption and idle power saving are additional unique pointers for Go Green Concept.

System installation and mounting requirements are minimal compared to any other professional control system where low need for civil works, low need for usage of massive amount of copper wiring, smaller Db’s and boxes, easier installation and programing that saves Manpower and Time. All these are added features that makes SMART-G4 greener.