New Dealers Wanted Worldwide

We need New Professional Specialized Partners Globally to Carry G4 Brand and Implement the products in Projects at their respective area.

The Main Areas of Preferred Specialty is:
The Main Areas of Preferred Specialty is:
  • Hotels Control Systems, Hospitality GRMS
  • Hospital and medical clinics, Nurse Call, and Building Controls
  • Commercial Large Projects and High Rise buildings controls
  • Governmental Projects, Religious Structures controls
  • Mass Developments and Smart Cities
Dealers Needed in all Grey Areas

Latest Smart G4 Catalogues

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The smart G4 Catalogues include all your needs for information about G4 products. Also it includes applications study and diagrams. All the G4 material are in PDF format and can be translated or converted into PPT online.

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Concepts with G4 Touch

Smart City is a complex mix of many ingredients that together form a complete harmonic flexible system which provides both government and people inhabiting or visiting  with all convenience, speed and wastage free solution…



Guest Room, Ball Room & Public Areas

Smart Hotel covers the easy control of Guest Room systems like: lights, temperature, service requests, curtains, music and video or TV channels…

  • Guest habits
  • Likings
  • Information
Check in/out

Reservation and key less check in/out


Easy offers on the go in the city


World Wide Privileges


Smart Homes and apartments are very essential ingredient of Smart City. Having a professional smart control system would help to cut waste in water, electricity and power. This helps the city minimize the need to expand the generator capacity.

  • Metering – saving energy, saving water
  • Media – entertain well, communicate
  • Climate – temperature control for comfort
  • Curtain – shading to save or collect energy
  • Mood – health convenience, comfort
  • Irrigation – if rain, stop system
  • Light – the fourth dimension in life


Dream about Easy Patient system that gives you maximum data analysis flexibility. Smart G4 has many to offer.

  • Queuing
  • Appointment
  • Control
  • Convenience
  • Medicine
  • Diet
  • Practice


Smart Marine, Boat and Ship Automation

Do you have a boat, a floating restaurant, a marina, a luxury Yacht, a ship or floating homes?  Its time to upgrade to smart


Smart Buildings are one major player in smart city concept. Starting from its materials, circulation, energy handling all the way up to the easy applications that minimize waste in efforts, time and resources while maintaining the best serviceability and comfort at all times.


Smart classroom that can interact between students, parents and teachers. Capable of transferring work between students and teachers. Inform parents of homework and performance Smart Classroom that controls its own ambiance and temperature in ease.


Apple Apps
  • SmartBus G4 Iphone App v1.7.32
  • Smart Z-Audio G4 App (For Iphone and Ipad)
  • Itools (Iphone / Ipad Software for Transferring Files to Computer or vice versa)
Android Apps
  • Smart iVDP2 Android App
  • SmartBUS Android App **NEW**
  • Smart-Bus Android ver 2.5
  • Smart Android (Smart G4 Ukraine)
  • Android Keygen
  • True Image Interface Android App
  • WifiBell Android App with User Manual ***NEW***
True Image Interface Android App
  • True Image Interface by SmartControls (APK)
  • GUI Designer v.2.7 with Sample GUI & dot net