Health Conservation Built in System

  • Smart G4 GRMS has built-in complex health conservation algorithms.
  • Once the system detects that the guest has pressed bed/sleep mood then the (HCS) health conservation scenario can be triggered with different programable options, here are some  examples:
    • If temperature desired is cold (say 19 degrees)
    • Every 1.5 hours the HCS logic would increase temperature by 1 degree, which also corresponds to human body temperature loss during sleep
    • Meaning in 8 hours of sleep average the room temperature will be 24 degrees automatically which keeps person convenient and healthy.

Maintenance Easy Alerts

  • The alerts and reporting to Hotel Engineering Department is an automated and easy daily task that reports online
  • If any housekeeping personnel detects issues inside any room they may report it immediately using the Room Service Request Panel.
    Example: Water Leakage, Ac Broken, or furniture maintenance …etc.
  • Automated alerts is generated by (RUA) System:
    • Clean Air conditioner Filters
    • Replace Light Bulbs
    • Conduct Routine Room inspection check
    • and more

Specialized VIP Guest Service requester

**Only Smart-G4 GRMS has this unique added value globally

  • The hotel management may get direct reports about active online specialized guest service requests which adds value and comfort:
    • Remove the Plates and food tray
    • I need Extra Pellow
    • I need Extra Towels
    • I need bell boy
    • I Need a taxi
    • One Click easy Check out
    • I need massage
    • Call elevator
    • I need slippers
    • I need Shaving Kit
    • I need massage
      and more


Smart Occupancy Sensing Technology (SOT)

The system logic studies occupancy  that detects everytime Room door has opened then closed.

Bedside and wall Panels have Passive IR detector for added accuracy.

SOT has unique ability to monitor any usage inside room after door is closed including:

  • Water usage
  • Air-con Usage
  • Panel usage
  • Terrace usageTV Usage .. Etc.

Smart Room utilities usage Analysis (RUA)

Energy Calculation Technology for Room Usage (Per hour, per check-in, per day, from any time to time)

Calculating energy usage of:

  • Lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • TV usage
  • Average Refrigeration cost
  • Guest Estimated Charging usage

Calculating Water usage of guest.

Calculating Guest habits and time spent inside room.

Water Wastage and Budgeting Technology

Water Budgeting and usage limiting technology for water scarce regions by executing the following:

  • Assigning budget per guest for usage and warns before water shuts off
  • If extra water is needed then it shall be charged and has to be ordered electronically by guest as per hotel policy
  • If room is vacant or unoccupied (SOT) will send total room water shutoff command to avoid any possible water leakage or wastage allowing enough time for tanks to be filled up
  • If room is vacant for long time (SOT and RUA) will trigger refresh mode:
    • Toilet water to flush automatically
    • Fresh air ventilation*
    • Exhaust fan of toilet*
    • Curtains opening for X Hours then closing

Room Moon Lighting Alerts (RMA)

Room Misuse alerts if Room is used while not registered in System with active check-in status

Detection happens if in room activity is detected:

  • If water faucet or shower is used
  • If motion inside room is detected
  • If air-conditioning mood has been altered manually
  • If patio or window has opened
  • If any light panel is touched
  • If door is opened from inside after long period of in occupancy

Flexibility in Control

**Smart-G5 GRMS has unique control flexibility.

a- Guest Control Flexibility:

  • Control Using IR Hand Held Remote(Especially in Jacuzzi or bath tub)
  • Control using Wifi Tablet with hotel app
  • Control using TV Set-top integrated box
  • Control using bed-side and room wall panels
  • Control option by Voice command using Alexa
  • Logical control based on occupancy and guest portfolio liking

B- Engineering and Staff control flexibility:

  • Engineering staff may monitor and control using PC
  • House keeping staff may report and get notified via Wall panels and hand help Smartphone apps
  • Management may control and monitor multi-Sites and buildings at different cities using GBMS dashboard

Flexible Finishes to match your Hotel Decor

Smart-G4 Products are designed for easy customization. An extra mile of  ability to change facia, and frames and  or even buttons and glass icons to reach the taste and finishes needed by the Hotel Interior designer and architect.

From Many Various materials (based on model selected), Architect and Interior disigners dreams can be done. An Extra mile is the ability to create custom panels modifying logos, Icons, engraving, mixing finishes materials etc.  As to be feasible from cost, time and quantity collectively yet reach the tavte  and finishes needed by the hotel interior disigner  and architect.

Basket of Colors

live your dreams. Create colorful room, or floor, or even modify hotel panel colors to fit your desired tone.  Your team with our team may work together to help achieve the best results based on the material and thickness used to match the reflected light feel and perception by human eye to satisfy Interior designer and Architect vision and design.