Why Light?
Fascinate the world and allure guests and visitors. Stand out from the crowd with the radiant glow and exact atmosphere of lights inside Audio and outside of inside audio or with audio of your hotel.

Loading Area and Parking Lights
A well lighted loading and parking area adds convenience to the guests and visitors alike.

Banquets and Conference Hall Lights
Enjoy the theatrical lighting effects during events and occasions in banquets and convention halls.

Pool and Garden Lights
Enjoy the radiance and ambiance of color changing lighting to set your mood and emotions while enjoying a relaxing dive in the pool or having tea near the garden.

Service Areas Lights
Give the needed light level to do the job and keep things clean and save energy when no one is in that area.

Club, Bar and Entertainment Lights
Get into the beat, enjoy hotel club entertainment and discover the secrets of light and emotions.

Total Bedside Room Control

Multi-level Light & Multi-mode Air Conditioning Control
Control the level 01 lighting intensity and set a different mood. Regulate room temperature to your desire with a press of a button.

Television , Radio Channel & Volume Control
Watch your favorite TV program, control volume and choose desired radio channel.

Centralized Alarm Clock & World Time Display
Set alarm or ‘wake up’ and check the time worldwide.

Service Request Signal Control
Indicate message and service for room attendants : Do not Disturb, Clean Room, Polish Shoes, Pickup Laundry and Refill Minibar.

Message Indication
Check messages conveniently when alerted on your bedside.

Electronic Locks

On Line & Off Line
Check hotel room online to check door locks privileges or manually check door registers.

Reporting & Access Tracking
View, check and keep track of the time in and out access for guest room;

Easy Room and Elevator Access
Be assured of your security with the use of smart card key and tag access.

Time Blocking
Set room looks at a specified date and time, when no one can enter your room by blocking any access to the door and safe.

Master Key
Have the master key control and stop access to slave keys.

Interactive TV

Video On Demand & Games
Take pleasure and watch the movie on demand for a relaxing day or indulge in the latest games and entertainment with limitless choices to suit your taste.

Internet On TV
Browse your favorite websites and check your personal e-mail online.

Guest Room Bill
Have ready access and view current Bill on TV to check on charges

Hotel Advertisement & In Hotel Live Camera
Be informed of Hotel Announcements and Activities easily viewed on TV. View different camera scanning of the pool and entertainment areas.

Satellite TV & Unified Messaging
Catch the latest news or your favorite TV program and view recent messages from visitors and hotel staff on TV directly.

Climate Control

Air Conditioning Modes
Ready Presets at a touch of a button: cold. cool, warm or selectively adjust room temperature to your desire.

Fan Control
Room fan control help you adjust fan speed tor air circulation and air flow.

Drapes Control
Be able to automatically or manually open and close the curtains and drapes conveniently.

Heaters Control
Enjoy best warmth at hotel room using continuous controlled hot water supply, floor heaters not to walk on cold marble, towel heaters, toilet seat heaters and mirror defoggers and de—misters.

Detection, Safety & Control

Complete Surveillance, CCTV Cameras & DVR Recording
Maximum surveillance for safety and security in vital hotel areas with remote monitoring and playback ability,

Hotel Safety
Complete solutions for hotel safety : fire, gas, elevator, parking and pool.

Guest Identification Systems
Record and verify guests’ information, room number and photo lot better identification and security of hotel premises.

Access Barriers & Parking Systems
Secured access in all entrances and exits with access codes and protected entry of registered vehicles.

Metal Detectors & Search Systems
Safeguard guests with reliable weapons and explosives detectors and search systems.

Smart Room Indicator

Do Not Disturb
Relax during a nap or at bedtime without the hassle of visitors or room attendants disturbing you.

Make Up Room
Inform the hotel room attendants to clean the room while you are out.

Integrated Door Bell
Alerts you when you have a guest waiting tor you.

Additional Services
Give instructions to hotel attendants tor: laundry. dry cleaning shoe cleaning and relining of minibar.

Hotel Telecom Network

Stay connected, call family, friends or business, room to room, local and international.

Data/DSL and Fax
Enjoy high speed internet and tax connectivity at room convenience.

Make sure that network is Virus and Intrusion protected by providing firewalls.

Toll Control
Block unauthorized usage of telecom fax and internet at vacant rooms.

Voice Mail
Enable voicemail service tor new guests to receive voice mail and messages.

Provide Zoned WiFi coverage for guests’ convenience at room, lobby and poolside.

Energy Saving

Lights Off
Turns off the lights whenever the room is not occupied and automatically turns off when the guest leaves the room.

AC Off
Air conditioning automatically turns off when the guest leaves the room and turns off whenever the room is unoccupied.

Lights, Air Conditioning and Audio turn off automatically when area is vacant.

Hotel Energy management
Smart and convenient energy management of hotel service areas, building support systems, parking, pool and garden systems.

Service On The Go

Wireless Guest Service Request
Enjoy the convenience of wireless service request at pool, bar and restaurant

Order Taking & Processing Systems
View and order from the hotel menu from your TV and conveniently place your order inside the hotel room or from function areas utilizing interactive on—line system,

Hotel Networks ( Room Service Level )
Call for service from inside the hotel room for other services like laundry, dry cleaning or clean more requests, in—room massage, manicure and pedicure.

Guest Preference Information Display
Indicate preferred information for daily display on screen for announcements, menu  and news.

Special Macros and Alerts  No Description.


BGM Music
Enjoy smooth music while at lobby, pool and at shopping arcade.

Add to the experience with your singing talents and complete your pleasures.

Video Streaming Clips
Enjoy the latest music with matching streaming videos at Bars, Cafes and Gym.

Information Display
Plan your night and clay activities utilizing city information displayed at different screens and kiosks. Check hotel activities and entertainment programs.

Easy Maintenance

Know it in advance !
Smart G4 current sensors and devices, makes it even easier to anticipate any issues in any equipment, machinery and VIP area lighting .

How many Light Bulbs?
Smart G4 hotel software dashboard gives advanced reporting and alerts on how many light bulbs to change, when and where based on hours of usage. This makes it convenient for the engineering department to prepare and assign ahead of time.

Filters and Protective Maintenance
Smart G4 GBMS helps in giving alerts for HVAC system protective maintenance per area based on its usage, weather conditions, and sensors. These help reduce money wastage on electrical bills, repair time, and parts replacement.

Know it Online as it is Happening!
Smart G4 Hotel gives the ability to report maintenance needs directly to engineering module by simple press on service button for 5 continuous seconds to immediately send Alert for Engineering check-up.

The New service app can give detailed House keeper Maintenance findings as following examples:

  • Air conditioning Problem
  • Water Leakage
  • Curtain Motor Issue
  • Toilet Flush and drainage issue
  • Broken furniture
  • Window/ patio Issue
  • Guest Safe Code complaint
  • and Many Other custom per hotel needs optional reporting points
Taxi Paging & Parking Systems

Wireless Taxi Call
Wireless Taxi Paging helps bell boy, or valet parking staff to aid any hotel guest or visitor by swiftly and politely requesting the number of taxi needed to the exact destination by a press of a button.

Car Count System
Keeps track of the number of vehicles entering and exiting the parking to monitor parking availability for guests and visitors.

Reporting Option
Full logging and reporting for all traffic calls, parking activities and valet counts.

Directions Display
Gives the direction to follow for parking location and number of vacant parking lots.

Floor Elevator Security

Parking Security
Smart G4 allows only authorized valid card holders to enter parking Automatically and to reach to their floor and public floors. However, for new guests or visitors entering using security guard guidance may reach to lobby and public floors only when riding elevator car.

Elevator Floor Security
Smart G4 system is flexible, yet secure. the visitor may access his floor, public floors, and GYM, SPA, Pool floors using his card. Smart G4 hotel and elevator control allows Guests that comes in teams/or groups to access various floors that has their team members. This can be activated on request for all team, or only for team/group captains selectively.

Why Elevator Level Security?
This is a new prevailing trend in many countries to avoid disturbance, to add security, and to decrease manpower.

Building Facade and Signage

Facade Lighting and Architectural lighting
Smart G4 controls has unique and very advanced controls and drivers for fulfilling any lighting designer need and to creating dynamic lighting effects that soothes smoothly and elegantly, making from the hotel facade and crown both lively and attracting landmark monument.

Building Signage Board
Smart G4 scheduler and time clock ensures both the lively work ability of the signage board, and the energy saving based on time and day Light conditions. More signage management and monitoring is maintained using our current sensors and alert system.

Parking Control

Hotel Outdoor Parking Control
To provide ability to park easily, yet to alert for excess hours.

Hotel Under Ground Parking
To provide secure and easy entry to hotel guests. and to provide monitored entry for hotel visitors

Banquets & Conferences Area 

To give complete systems’ control for audio distribution and programming functions.

Provides complete multimedia devices for special events and conferences.

Drapes and Screens Control
To add visuals for seminars and conventions, control drapes and screens.

Switches and Mixers
Provides control for all audio and video timing and distribution.

Acoustics and Illumination
To add the right atmosphere for the occasion, provide vibrant and illuminative lighting.

Pool and Garden

Pool Smart Solutions
When it comes to the pool, we believe that the pool must be both healthy, inviting and a beautification structure as well .

We make sure that Pool Water quality is always clean and  water level is optimum. We supply solutions for water filtration, germs killing, and water leveling.

We also make the pool dynamic and inviting by introducing jets controls, water falls and streams, lighting and color controls, as well as temperature control.

Pool safety is another important aspect when pool is unguarded, we provide invisible perimeter fence alarm, pool fall alarms, pool motorized covers and mobile floors controls. Adding pool emergency phone is another addition that is very important.

Garden and Great Outdoors
Having a garden is always a plus provided that pest control is always maintained.  We Control Garden Lights, Misters and Coolers, we also add Pest Repellents, Pest Control, Mosquito Killers and more.

Irrigation systems is another very important system that smart G4 provides timed controls for.

Club & Bar Systems

Audio & Video
Experience a different atmosphere with a blast of disco music or a touch of harmony with acoustics. And to best achieve the ultimate entertainment have the right videos to get you in the groove.

The best illuminations and colors will surely ignites the mood tor that perfect night.

Vibration Control
Feel your body explode for a maximum dance experience and feel the room shake with the beat, thanks to latest tactile technology.

Climate Control
No need to worry about sweating your senses out, enjoy that cool ambiance while enjoying the music.


Smart G4 for Restaurants
We provide solutions that will extremely helps restaurant’s general and primary needs.

Lighting and Signage Control
Dynamic Mood lighting control based on zones to create easy table control needs, dynamic restaurant feel and look changing every 20-30 minutes, and to induce the art of 4th dimension (light)

We also control Signage and Facade Lighting, restaurant Outdoor Dining and more

Back Ground Music
Fancy restaurants require calm BGM, while lounges require more beat type, As well Bar restaurants might require some selective music options. We at Smart Group has designed many systems and solutions to fit all, That includes players, streamers, speakers and more. One unique speaker solution is the ART-Speakers that deliver ultimate fidelity while are all hidden behind art work canvas that fits restaurant theme.

Climate Controls
Controlling the temperature is another mastered field by Smart Group.  We created systems that study and control are in  comfort , Ease and eco mode way, That includes Air, Floor, Water and other temperature controlling methods.

Smell Control 
As many restaurants are designed wrongly, we at Smart Group make sure that restaurants are designed in such way that prevents smell of cooking to spread and it only stays at restaurant serving grounds. In the last refuge scenario,  we help to revertilise the air and help clean its particles.

Motorized Coverings 
Many restaurants are located in areas that require outdoor dining or requires outdoor dining, sun shading or harvesting accordingly.

We provide ability to control motorized roofs, awnings, shades and blinds ..etc.

Energy Saving
Smart Group has mastered the art of energy saving, While others think about it’s air condititoning or it’s lighting,whilst  we have even gone the extra mile counting occupants in the space and more to revive maximum Kitchen area power as possible. Many do not know that kitchen consumes huge amounts of power that exceeds restaurant dining area in expenditure. Ask for Smart Kitchen and restaurant solutions by Smart G4.

LED Displays and Screens
Either it is for Sports, Entertainment, Decorative or For Advertisement. we have the solutions and sizes that fits all with the accurate controls. Our affilaites Ve-com has mastered this and took it to next level with a very optimum solution.

Spa and Gym

Smart Spa and GYM
It is  the ambiance, the aroma, the temperature, the light,  the freshness, the sounds or the full blend of experience. all can be delivered by Smart Group G4 controls.

WE can do it all for you
We have all the needed solution to control and provide the experience needed.  We start from the control of Access, to Media Control, Lighting, Fresh Air and Air Quality, Oxygen Generators and Inducers, Smell and Aroma Dispensers, Lighting Control and Color Control, BGM, Air and Floor Temperature Control , Water Temperature Control and Quality, Floor Temperature Control, Slippers and Towels Temperature and Sanitation,  Sauna Room Controls, Water Features Controls, SPA Service Requester and Room Occupancy Displays, Advertisement Screens, Special Theatrical Rooms Multimedia and Acoustics and many more.

Shopping Arcade and Lavatories

Shopping Arcade
We provide standard solutions like Lighting Control and Temperature Control,  Also we  provide solutions for Dynamic Showcase Shops Displays, BGM, Advertisement Screens  and Beautification Structures Controls. As well we  do help in Energy Saving, Monitoring and Control Systems for all BMS Areas and Sectors.

Energy and water wastage always happens at lavatories,  Therefore Smart G4  has a specific  solutions  to tackle these issues  along with fresh air,  smell control, and cleaning reminders are all  well thought off by Smart Group . We help reduce any wastage, and helps  maintain the space functionality at its best.  Adding advertisement screens is another sales booster solution that is introduced in the public toilets and lavatories.


Indoors Control
Using Smart G4 Solutions for Marina Club control  combines all the ideas mentioned above together. The Marina Club is a mix of many together: Restaurants, Bars, Meeting Rooms, Banquette Halls and more. Kindly refer to the specialized ideas above which include: Access control, Parking space Management, Lighting control, Temperature control, Audio and BGM, Controlled motorized coverings,  Multimedia controls, Smell and Air quality, energy saving, Public toilets controls, Kitchen  and more

Outdoor Systems
Similarly the Marina Outdoor System matches to other hotel areas and solutions for outdoors. Kindly read above solutions.

Pear Solutions
At Smart G4, we can provide special Pear Space Management Solution, Reminders, and Water Level Alerts, Fuel Tanks, Fresh Water tTanks Level Alerts and many more. Kindly contact us or your nearest dealer at your area for your complete case solution needs.