Smart G5 has very flexible RCU components that has multi configurations. Starting from 8 channels up to 28 channels per module.  The room needs can be all satisfied with one module, or multi selected modules that adds together as one bigger RCU.

These modules has easy partitioning to serve for Lighting, Curtain, HVAC, LED, Exhaust fan,  Water Heater, Power outlets etc.

The smart G5 RCU for GRMS has built in logic and time clock. It has ECO mode energy saving, and different occupancy presets.

RCU may work with or without Dry contact input attachment, all depending on client needs, design concept and budget.

The attachment can accept from 4, 24, up to 29 Dry inputs each and are Cascadeble and expandable as needed.

More specialized controllers available to control various lighting and FCU etc. Like Dali bridges, Cool master, DMX, and other.

Energy Power Aux for GRMS

This Energy Master product is a champion in energy saving. This Power-Aux with its different Generations act as the Main energy saving module at any room regardless if used alone or with other RCU and GRMS parts

The Power-Aux has multi Inputs and Outputs that serve perfectly to room needs like:

  • Dual Power output 12VDC and 24VDC
  • Multi Dry input Modules for Main Door, Window, Entrance and Toilet occupancy
  • Multi Output controls for Master Power cut-off, AC “Eco mode” trigger and Off trigger, and/or Door bell connection option
  • it has built in award winning Energy saving logic

Generation 5 has more amazing options yet to be revealed.

GRMS Occupancy Sensors 

The Smart G5 System has many abilities to detect occupancy like no other system in the world. as simple as using magnetic contact and simple motion sensor, the Smart G5 can give up to 90% occupancy accuracy (thanks to the advanced logic embedded in the Energy-Aux).

More added occupancy detection is improved using our Ultrasonic-Sensors, Toilet Audio-Level-Sensor, Bed-Pressure-Matt, and Thermal-Image-Sensors

Unique ability for detecting occupancy is by using any of the Smart Switches that has built in Occupancy sensors, or using the occupancy logic inside gladiator as well as moonlighting triggers.

GRMS Media Control

Smart G5 has ability to add value by controlling TV in the room or bathroom of the Guest room using Infra Red triggers that are intelligent enough to know if the Device is operational (Switched on), or not (Switched off) by measuring the current usage of the device in a very simple and smart way to avoid any mistake compared to many other control systems.

Adding more value can be by controlling IPTV and media system that are Smart-G5 Ready which gives more flexibility in control as room proxy.

Adding Music is another feature which has several options like:

  • Volume Control only for TV Music into bathroom and Terrace
  • Blue-Tooth Music play from mobile or laptop to Speakers
  • Air Play from smart phones to speakers
  • Pumped music from Server or SD card of the room
  • FM radio channels from local radio stations
  • Web radio add on options

Water Conservation & Room freshness

Smart G5 has built in connections and logic to detect water flow, water leakage and to shut-off water room valve to control wastage.

Smart G5 has built in logic to circulate fresh air in toilets and get rid off bad smell for rooms that are not occupied for long periods to keep smell and freshness always and has ECO temp range to maintain furniture against any shrinkage.

Smart G5 has also the ability for controlling water intelligently for hotels at  certain drought regions that require water budgeting and extra water usage charging.