Control Flexibility (Take Control)

Wireless Tablets & Remotes 
Providing both the ultimate and easiest user interface solutions to
control lights, air-conditioning, entertainment and other home systems.

Touch Screens & Wall Panels
Grant prestigious Techno-Home image and allow flexible way to monitor and control different home areas from Central Station with endless possibilities.

Web Link

Communicate with your home from any internet linked location worldwide with limitless control.

On TV-screen Control

Utilizing Media Center and X-Box play station availability at today’s homes and provide flexible new ways of instant control.

Telephone & GSM Link
Call to control your home from any fixed or mobile phone with a fully integrated IVR that will assist you and guide you by voice.

Voice Command

Simply tell your home what you want by Voice and your home shall perform your a command. Be the master, let the home come to you.

Biometrics & RFID/ BT flexibility

Your Fingers are your moods, home shall change to fit your desire, your temperature, lighting intensity and your favorite music at the area you enter.

Entertainment (The Sound of Music • The Sound of Living)

Distributed Audio
Manage audio distribution throughout your home and choose your favorite VS music collection from your media library, IPOD or local room player.

Multi Room Videos

Enjoy Video distribution sharing by allowing satellite television channels to be viewed from any TV in the house. Sharing streaming videos, family pictures and viewing house cameras.

Home Theater & cinema

The Ultimate in Home entertainment. Make movie watching an incredible realistic experience by having complete luxury cinema seating, acoustical walls, star field, Tactile Transducers and even popcorn machine to add to the thrill.

Disco & Karaoke
Have Fun with your family and guests. Enjoy dancing in your own disco room or sing your hearts out with the karaoke ready system


Have your own in-house arcade, play network gaming between rooms. Plug and play video gaming equipment, easily enjoy real 18 hole Golf tournament with friends at home convenience, or practice indoor for the big day.


Whole house wired and wireless chatting possibilities and on TV text message

Simplicity (Simple is Beautiful)

The systems can easily be used and understood by children, household helpers and guests. All switches & buttons are conveniently labeled with pictures and words customized with your own language.


Smarthome integrated solutions matches home member’s needs especially elderly. The complete sensors and timers help control everything from lighting temperature and ambiance conveniently as a person is moving around the house. Family members will never need to be on their feet, simply sit, relax and take control.

Health (Health is Wealth)

Oxygen Release
Oxygen generators and injectors add vital element to human body needs. Oxygen helps improve recovering body comfort level while sleeping after a late night party. Oxygen also helps burn more calories while working out at your gym.

Harmful Rays

Be alerted of harmful rays level increase when you stay long around the pool side area.

Air Quality

Smarthome Technology enhances health by monitoring Air Filters, Bacterial build-up, Dust particles, Smet, Humidification level, Fresh air, Revitalization
and Ionization.

Temperature Control
Your Smarthome will sense the heat or coolness level needed and give you just the right atmosphere. It will make sure to switch off your AC just in time for you to wake up, open your drapes to give you that beautiful healthy sunshine in the morning, and heat your toilet floors, seats and towels for your maximum health and convenience.

Water Quality

Smarthome monitors the quality level of your drinking, washing and pool waters. Smarthome uses non-chlorine pool cleaning system that is healthier, :
more effective as well as irritation and odor-free.

Elegance ( A Touch of Class • A Touch of Substance)

Wall Elegance
Smarthome provide the ultimate elegance by simply combining all in-room needed wall devices for temperature, audio, lighting and water heating into one single elegant D-Home Panel (See – Hear – Feel).

Materials and Colors
Smarthome panel covers are finished to highest standards and materials quality to match client’s interiors with sleek design that blends with home décor.

One Suite Solution
Smarthome provide unified set of matching room accessories (The Suite) where all switches and panels matches sockets, outlets, door handles, drawer knobs, AC grills, and curtain accessories.

Mood and Architectural Lighting
Adding light adds life, beauty and ambiance to homes. Smarthome control the light intensity, color, and working channels creating artistic and elegant shapes that emphasize beauty.

Hidden Wiring & Devices
Smarthome emphasize on minimal visibility of wires and bulky equipment by properly planning wiring and outlets, camouflaging a speakers, hiding of devices, and motorizing of screens.

Ambiance and Temperature Control
Experience the luxury of a stylish and elegant ambiance to suit your moods to agitate that romantic feeling. Set a romantic mode by dimming your lights, the right temperature to calm your senses, the right music as a final touch for that intimate moment.

Proper Lifestyle Enhancement

The full integration and complete automation of your home that fits your lifestyle, customized to your passion in living. The kids room is complete with entertainment,  gaming and most of all a remote parenting system. The master bedroom provides all
your needs for your comfort and convenience, from communication,
entertainment and security.


Smell triggers your moods and emotions, recalls memories and adds comfort to your visitors. Smarthome deodorizing system adds the smell liked by men and women alike at your home, making it a memorable experience.

Comfort & Prestige ( Live Royal • Feel Royal)

Safety (Be Safe • Be Protected)

Remote Parenting & Managing
View and hear everything that’s happening at your home, whether your kids are playing near the pool, inside the bedroom or in the kitchen. You can monitor your kids and servant’s behavior from your home and even at your office, it’s like being there even if you are not.

Parking & Garage Safety
Avoid damage to your car and your garage. Park like a pro. Protect your home and family with a Garage Door Monitoring System which automatically opens your garage door with the use of a code or RFID sensors, and locks the door after you leave.

Fire & Gas Leak Sensors
Protect your home against gas leaks and fires. Using Detectors, Gas Valve Controllers, and Garage Toxic Gas Alerts help supervise your home for you.

Pool Guard & Motorized Pool

Be alerted to accidents at swimming pools. A pool alarm that activates the moment a child falls into the pool.

Security (A Secured Home • A Secured Future )

Burglar Protection
Only Smarthome can provide you with 12 Lines of Defense in burglar security and response.State of the art multi-zone, web-enabled security system sends intruders fleeing the moment they attempt to step into your premises.


Cameras for every surveillance need, indoor and outdoor, with Night & Day Vision. Event driven recording when traveling or while at home, web enabled remote monitoring and playback ability provide you with a third eye capability.

Key-less Entry

No more hassles carrying keys around, just press in the access codes or simply place your finger and let the doors open for you. Be secure, do not leave your doors open even for a short time either during day or night.

Telecom Security
Monitor incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, see callers’ trends and habits. Anticipate problems before they occur. Document and secure all your voice and data communication channels

Vehicle Tracking

You can keep track of your loved ones, know their whereabouts or even if they are getting lost in reaching their destination. Security for your luxury cars and most especially for your family members.

Communication ( Get Connected • Get Global )

Gates Intercom / Visitor Entry System
Answer visitors at your gate from any phone even if you are on the road, see them on any TV in the house and buzz the door or gate open for them in ease.

Room to Room Intercom & Public Announcement

Communication made easier for all the members of the family. Now you can call for service or announce lunch throughout the house conveniently.

Telephone, Fax & Video Phone

Call friends homes or business offices, transfer calls to any room in the house,
receive faxes, even execute video calls or multi-party conferencing.

Unified Messaging System
Be able to receive and send voice-mail, short messages, friendly images,
incoming caller ID information, e-mails and more, in full ease and uniformity.

Internet & Wifi

Stay connected both wired and wireless in home, kitchen or garden. Browse, shop, and check stock information or download your favorite music.

Gadgets ( Stand Out • Be Unique )

Enchanted Candles
Ordinary candles can add atmosphere to any intimate party. With enchanted candles you can  enjoy the lifetime  ambiance  and  without worrying to ferget blowing out the  candle.

Mirror Defogger

A bathroom mirror that automatically defogs itself makes the morning routine a little more convenient while grooming and styling.

Automatic Faucet

Experience elegance comfort and ambiance with the light changing automated faucet that starts water flow and emit light beam while you are washing your hands. A great addition to impress all your visitors.

Universal Touch Remotes
Elegant, simple, macro driven universal remotes that perform several tasks at a press of a button (play movie, Listen to music, watch TV) a great replacement for all your remotes.

Bathroom TV

Don’t miss the news or your favorite TV program while enjoying that relaxing moment in your Jacuzzi.

Digital Photo Frames

The new way to display family photos and Art Canvas according to the occasion.

Motorized Devices ( A Change of Status • A Change in Life )

Motorized Pool Floors
Lower or raise your pool floor level to your desire. Turn your pool into a party or dance floor, take breakfast in the middle while surrounded by waters, or make it convenient for children  your choices are limitless.

Motorized Parking Platforms
Never worry about reversing your car at your parking garage, always drive forward safely and with ease as the motorized parking platform turn preparing your car always for departure.

Motorized Sky Lights

Open the roof for fresh air, fly balloons in New Year parties, and enjoy the outdoors from inside your home.

Gates & Garage Motorization
Conveniently open pedestrian gate automatically for your quests. When coming back home, open your main gate and garage remotely by one press on your remote control, or once the house recognizes your car plate and ID number.

Motorized Media Devices

Take pleasure watching your favorite movie while relaxing in your bed, in the living room, or family room with a pop up projector lift which is embedded from your ceiling, a plasma lift that hides in a cabinet or an LCD behind an art canvas. A state of the art technology to satisfy those who demand luxury and style.

Energy Saving ( The Power of Technology )

Pumps Energy Wastage
Only start water pumps for fountains and beautification structures when guests are entering or when walking in that area adding luxury, beauty and saving energy.

Motorized Shutters & Drapes

During mornings and afternoons shutters and drapes automatically opens and lights are turned off if not needed, while at striking hot noon, the drapes closes to decrease solar effects saving energy at the same time.

Energy Saving Devices

Choosing the latest LED and Fiber Optics Lighting technologies, help give great indoor lighting a effects, save energy by decreasing the amount of heat emitted by the light fixtures and appliances, saving in both cooling bill and lighting bill altogether.

Lighting and Dimming
Turning off lights at areas not used, dimming lights in corridors and hallways,  separating circuits creating energy saving solutions.

Heating Ventilation & Air conditioning

Turning off Air-conditioning at vacant areas, avoiding open terrace doors or room windows, monitoring and maintaining filter cleanliness status are factors that help decrease energy wastage.

Water Heaters Control

Switch off water heaters during nights and when at work, switch on 30 minutes before wake up, properly managing energy consumption for you.

Integration ( The Language of Connection )

Talking Languages
Imagine having ability to speak all languages even with birds. Smarthome have that ability in integration where each system can talk to the other system and connect in ease providing a fully synchronized smart living solution.

Multi Usage Advantage
In the stand-alone non integrated systems, every device or sensor act on its own for that purpose only. The audio system is for music, the television is for entertainment, the motion and door sensors are for security . Having an integrated smarthome solution adds value to every device purchased in multiple benefits.  As an  example , The door sensor  can act  for triggering lights on when you enter at night, switching off your AC when you forget  your door open for long time and alert you on speakers when dust storm arrives. Sprinkler system is not only for irrigation now, but also to spray and deter intruders the moment they jump over your fence.

Building Management Systems ( Be Smart • Stay Alert )

Be alerted when there is a problem with compressors, chillers, drip trays and fan belts.  Be reminded on system and filter cleaning schedules. Maintain a proper temperatureand humidity level for furniture and joinery.

Full smart sensors to study leaf dampness, soil watering level, pump trip and a Irrigation tank low level alerts, saving your plants and water resources.

Systems always monitor energy wastage and directly alerts on infiltration or when high level consumption thresholds are reached due to over-usage of home devices, pumps, water heaters, HVAC and other systems.

Monitoring environment around the house helps  save energy and safeguard furniture and family’s health all together. Weather stations monitor rain, wind, humidity dust storms, UV levels, harmful rays, atmospheric pressure and more.


Water tank low level monitoring, water leakage alerts, sump pump trap, water heaters control valves, pump run/trip alerts, drainage pipes clogging, water filtration and chemicals treatment as levels and more.

Other Building Systems
Full monitoring and alert on fire hazards, elevator problems, forgotten open gates and garagedoors, CO level in parking and full building systems integration.

Great Outdoors ( Feel Fresh • Think Fresh )

Pool Robot & Water Feature Ambiance
Enjoy ever clean pleasant and temperature controlled waters during summers and winter. Gaze your eyes at the magnificent color changing water features that adds beauty and mood to your evening.

Entertainment & Ambiance

Listen to your favorite music collection while having a relaxing moment in your garden, using elegant camouflaged outdoor speakers. Turn your garden into a dance floor, let your DJ plug his equipment into the ready party sleeves.

LED and Fiber Optics for Water Effects

Have that spell binding scene in your terrain with various lighting moods and
colors which gives you that elegant atmosphere.

Weather Station
Be able to check the weather forecast before planning a trip or sailing out. Disable sprinkler systems during outdoor party or barbecue for your convenience. Be alerted about UV and harmful rays level before going outdoors.

Pest Control & Mosquito killers

Avoid unnecessary and harmful pests and insects in your surroundings without the Mess!

Robot Mower

Always enjoy the best looking lawn, thanks to the robot mower that cuts grass for you while you enjoy your afternoon tea.

Temperature Controlled Gazebo

A Temperature controlled gazebo is the best answer to enjoy that great outdoors.

Pet Care

Pet Doors
Using smart electronic door allow maximum freedom for your pet to enter and exit while preventing stray cats or dogs to enter your home.

Pet Hygiene
Easy to use and easy to clean grooming brushes especially for your pet.
The Automatic self-cleaning Pet litter box, makes sanitary problems solving easy and effortless. Odor and flees are now virtually eliminated while helping keep your pets’ hygiene at its best.

Pet Feeders
No need to worry about feeding your pet while at work or on vacation, the auto pet feeder and watering system automatically dispenses your pets favorite food for up to 8 days.

Pet Fence
Do not worry about watching your dog, set the perimeter at any location and let your dog enjoy his freedom without getting lost and without the need for a leash or fence.

Barking Problems
Worry no more when having a barking dog that bothers
you and your neighbors. Simply use Dog Bark Free products.